Using your knowledge of airplanes, construct three different planes. Design one paper airplane that will fly the furthest, one that will stay aloft the longest and one that will perform the most aerial acrobatics.

What you need:

  • 3 sheets of 8.5" x 11" paper
  • measuring tape
  • watch

Fly the Furthest

The goal is to design a paper airplane that will fly the furthest possible distance. When you are satisfied that your airplane has gone as far as it can, measure the distance from the point where you threw it to the place that it lands. How far did it travel?

Stay Aloft the Longest

In this category you are to build a new airplane using a fresh sheet of paper that will stay aloft in the air as long as possible. Using a watch, determine the length of time your airplane remains in the air from the time your first throw it to the minute it lands on the ground. How long did your airplane remain in flight?


Using a third sheet of paper design another airplane. The goal this time is to construct a plane that will perform the most aerial acrobatic moves. Can you get it to dive, curl sideways, turn around or even do a roll?

Think about how you can change the design on each of the three planes so that the plane will stay aloft longer, fly further or perform more aerial acrobatics. What kind of changes to the plane's design do you think will yield better results?