Excellence In Education

APEGGA University Entrance Scholarships
APEGGA presents 12 awards of $2000 to students entering the faculties of engineering or the departments of geology and geophysics at The University of Alberta, The University of Calgary or colleges in Alberta offering transfer programs.
1998 Recipients
University of Alberta: Enrique Heredia, Peter Hrudey, Aaron Hryciw, Brendan Kusiek, Scott Mar, Trena Stretch, Kristel Unterschultz
University of Calgary: Tyler Dubetz, Raymond Honsek, Darren McKeague, Melina Repka, Sreemoyi Sanyal

APEGGA Education Scholarships
Each recipient receives $2,000 per year for two years. The scholarships are intended for individuals who hold a bachelor's degree in science or education to return to university to obtain a second degree, or to help those obtaining combined degrees in science and education.
1998 Recipients
University of Alberta: Chantelle Cadieux
University of Lethbridge: Diana Dziadek, Holly Kobi, Vincent Peters

APEGGA Undergraduate Scholarships
Six scholarships of $2,000 are awarded for undergraduate excellence in engineering or geoscience studies. 
1998 Recipients
University of Alberta: Richard Mao, Neil Ethier, Roy Coulthard
University of Calgary: Tyson Marchuk, Maria Gagliardi, David Minken

APEGGA Transfer Scholarships
Scholarships of $2,000 each are available to students transferring from regional colleges or technical institutes to university engineering programs.
1998 Recipients
University of Alberta: Gary Robert Oikawa, Dwight Schmidt

APEGGA University Gold Medals
Presented to graduating students obtaining the highest average in geology, geophysics and each engineering program accredited by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board.
1998 Recipients
University of Alberta:
Allison Aherne, Curt Bererton, Jarrod Beztilny, Katherine Brewer, Damien Clapa, Lance Doherty, Preston Holloway, Brent Miller, Rebecca Moss, Jeremy Sit, Rene Villiger, Michael Wojcik
University of Calgary: Jeffrey Bulger, Neil Cooper, Robert Radovanovic, Robert Randall, Jay Richert

APEGGA Graduate Scholarships
1998 Recipients
University of Alberta:
Daniel Healy, E.I.T.
University of Calgary: Janice Miller, P. Eng.