2000 Edmonton
Science Olympics Results

On Saturday, March 11, between 900 and 1000 students gathered in Edmonton, Brooks and Fort McMurray to compete in the 2000 Science Olympics. Sponsored by APEGGA for the past seven years, this annual event has a significant history (since the mid-70s) in Edmonton, and is relatively new to Brooks (2nd year) and Fort McMurray (3rd year).

Science Olympics provides pre-registered student teams in grades 1-12 with an opportunity to experience the challenge and excitement of competing against the clock and their peers in science-related events. Based on science curriculum, events are designed to encourage participation from all students, and include projects prepared in advance and mystery events revealed on the day of competition. Challenges cover a variety of subjects in both pure sciences (biology and chemistry) and applied sciences (structures and design).

Organizers tailor each event to meet the specific needs of the communities.

And the Winners are…

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