Ross Plecash,
Director, Corporate and Member Affairs, APEGGA
Fax: (780) 425-1722, Tel: (780) 426-3990

APEGGA Member Services is pleased to announce a Group Purchase Plan with A&B Sound and all its A&B Sound stores in Alberta, offering APEGGA Members and staff discounts on electronics, software products, DVD's, videos, CD's, and books. This program is designed for you and your family's benefit and enjoyment and we ask that you do not allow people other than your spouse and children to use your plan card.

CDs, videos books and DVD's will receive 20% discounts on white tag items and 10% discounts on red tag items. Yellow tag items are new releases which have been competitively priced and no further discounts are offered even to A & B Sound staff.

Due to the competitive nature of the retail business, prices will not be quoted over the phone. A&B Sound will match any pricing on items that they inventory against any advertised or negotiated price anywhere else in the market. In the event an item is not available, it can be replaced with an equal or better-featured product at a corporate price.

To allow Members to take advantage of this program, A&B Sound has designed a Preferred Customer Card which will be sent to APEGGA for distribution by the administrator. Cards will be available from APEGGA in early January. Your Preferred Customer Card will be required at the time of purchase and you must identify to A & B Sound sales staff you are a Member or employee of APEGGA.

In the interim, while we await cards for you, you may take advantage of the program at any A&B Sound store in Alberta identifying yourself as an APEGGA member; your discount will be fulfilled. Please mention your affiliation with APEGGA immediately to A&B sales staff in the store.

Two other optional features which will be available to APEGGA Members are the A&B Sound card and the Platinum Protection Plan. The A&B Sound card allows purchases to be made with extended payment plans while still taking advantage of corporate pricing. The Platinum Protection Plan provides APEGGA Members and staff a 15% discount for extended maintenance on all electronics. Details will be available at the store.

All warranties and other provisions are between the vendor and the purchaser and do not involve APEGGA. APEGGA is not obliged to provide support in the form of instruction, supply consultation, technical advice, warranty support or in-service as it relates to equipment purchased under this plan. A&B Sound would be more than pleased to assist Members in addressing any of the foregoing.

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For futher information, please contact:
Chad Fletcher, Sales Associate
A&B Sound
3110 Calgary Trail S.,
Edmonton, AB
Ted Dakin,
General Manager
A&B Sound
(780) 433-6400