Wednesday, April 25

Seminar No. Time Type
Mental Toughness Training for Success 2 1:15 - 4:30 pm Personal

You've heard that highly successful people are different in their thinking and behaviour than other people. The latest research shows that more than any other factor, mental toughness is the key to confidence, motivation, and success. But what are the unseen, often unknown skills of mentally tough performers? This workshop will teach you some basic practices of mental toughness that you can use at work and home to immediately get results.

Lisa Brown, BA, MA is a performance consultant who works with clients to achieve breakthroughs in individual and team performance. Lisa has taught these principles to thousands of peple including Olympic and Canadian National team athletes and elite business people who have gone on to apply them with remarkable success. A compelling speaker, Lisa is also known for her ability to affirm clients so that they resolve performance blocks and take themselves to the next level of success.

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