"This award is presented to members of APEGGA in recognition of an outstanding contribution they have made to society."

Allan Kwan, P.Eng.

Mr. Allan Kwan has contributed unselfishly to his community in addition to his professional contributions and the numerous papers and presentations made to further the engineering profession. For over ten years, Mr. Kwan has been involved as an executive of the Edmonton Chinese Community Services Centre serving as president and vice president from 1999 to now.

He has volunteered his time as a committee member for the Edmonton Chinese Community Tri-Project Planning, which sought to build a long-term care facility, a community services building and a library for their local community.

In addition, Mr. Kwan had consistently devoted his energies and time to School Councils , Alberta Kaiping District Association, Edmonton Jamie Platz YMCA Centre, Chinese Elders Mansion and Edmonton Chinatown Multicultural Centre.

Mr. Kwan is vice-president of the Edmonton Chinese Community Services Centre that provides services to immigrants and residents of downtown. The centre also offers language training, health seminars and recreation.

Mr. Kwan is a founding member and past director of the Edmonton Chinese Engineers Society, which provides assistance and advice to engineering students. He is also a founding member and past director of Centre for Transportation Engineering and Planning, located at the University of Calgary.

He graduated from the University of Alberta with a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering. After graduation, Mr. Kwan was employed as a resident transportation engineer with Alberta Transportation, Government of Alberta. During his career with Alberta Transportation, Mr. Kwan assumed increasing management responsibilities for the design and planning of highway, traffic and bridge engineering, and material standards and research development.

He is presently the Executive Director of the Program Management Branch of Alberta Transportation.

Mr. Kwan's professional accomplishments are best reflected in his receiving the Premier's Award of Excellence: Gold in 1997 and 1999 and Silver in 2000, as a member of Design Process Re-engineering, Construct Process Re-engineering and Centre for Transportation Engineering and Planning projects.

Mr. Kwan had continuously devoted his time to younger people, especially those within Lynnwood school district, where he had acted as the president of the Parents' Association.

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