"This award is presented to members of APEGGA in recognition of an outstanding contribution they have made to society."

Robert G. M. Brawn, P.Eng.


Mr. Brawn graduated from the University of Alberta with a B.Sc. in chemical engineering. He has served as chairman of Danoil Energy Ltd. since 1985.

Mr. Brawn exemplifies community service. He has demonstrated a long history of public involvement, at both the volunteer and executive level. He spends his time unselfishly leading business and various community events. Mr. Brawn has devoted his time and effort to making outstanding contributions to society.

Mr. Brawn has an extensive portfolio of leadership and public service commitments. He has volunteered his time as president of the Independent Petroleum Association of Canada, president of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, Director of OCO ’88 (Calgary Winter Olympics), chairman of the Calgary Winter Festival, president of Calgary South Rotary, president of his community association and is currently serving as an Honorary Lieutenant Colonel in the Canadian Army. In addition to his unwavering donation of time, Mr. Brawn is the founder and president of the Brawn Foundation, an organization that makes financial donations to various charities within the community on an annual basis.

Mr. Brawn is also the recipient of several awards, including the Distinguished Business Leader Award from the University of Calgary, the Calgary Chamber of Commerce’s Kay Pringle Memorial Award and the Canadian Commemorative Award from the Government of Canada.

Mr. Brawn has continuously devoted his time to younger people, individually and collectively, advising and nurturing their careers and characters.


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