"This award is presented to members of APEGGA who have made exemplary contributions to teaching and learning at a recognized post-secondary teaching establishment in Alberta."

Gary Faulkner, P.Eng., PhD




Dr. Faulkner was awarded a B.Sc. in mechanical engineering, with distinction from the University of Alberta in 1963. He worked with Atlantic Refining as a field production engineer until returning to the University of Alberta to pursue a masters degree in mechanical engineering. Dr. Faulkner received a PhD in applied mechanics from the University of California, Berkeley in 1969 and then returned to Alberta to accept a position as assistant professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Alberta. He is currently professor and acting chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Alberta.

Dr. Faulkner's skill as an educator has been recognized by many. His ability to explain difficult material with clarity is appreciated by his students. Dr. Faulkner's explanations are enhanced by his use of physical demonstrations, computer simulations and practical examples. He is passionate and has a complete command of the subjects he teaches and students sense that. Perhaps most importantly, Dr. Faulkner remains aware of the response of his students to his teaching and reacts to them. He is able to modify his teaching style and content for the benefit of the students.

Dr. Faulkner has been honoured numerous times for his work. The department of mechanical engineering has recognized outstanding undergraduate teaching since 1983 through awards given on the basis of student recommendation. In that time, Dr. Faulkner has been awarded the Undergraduate Teaching Award five times. In addition, Dr. Faulkner was awarded the Rutherford Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching in 1996 by the University of Alberta.

Dr. Faulkner remains committed to teaching outside the classroom. His guidance to students continues on a one-on-one basis outside of lecture hours and he has supervised 23 graduate students. Dr. Faulkner also provides valuable advice and insight to other academic staff about teaching technique and methodology.

In addition to his former role as chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Faulkner has served as an Academic member on the university's Board of Governors, Engineering Executive Coordinating Committee, Faculty Curriculum Committee and as chair of the Department Committee to review and reorganize the undergraduate program. In each of these areas his thoughts are given great weight because of the depth and breadth of his knowledge.

For nearly 10 years he has served on the National Research Council Committee on Machinery Noise and assisted with setting acceptable standards. His services are continually in demand by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board. He has acted for the Ontario Council of Graduate Studies as the evaluator of mechanical engineering programs at Windsor and Toronto, and was the evaluator of the undergraduate and graduate programs at the University of British Columbia. Dr. Faulkner is also the chair of APEGGA's Board of Examiners.

Previous Recipients

2000 A.K. Mehrotra, P.Eng., PhD