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The options presented below are part of a project to update the logo and investigate the use of tag lines. They have been developed in consultation with the Executive Committee and the Communications Planning Committee and reflect a number of Member consultations including focus groups that were held in the summer of 2004. Starting from many original ideas and directions, the best options have been narrowed down to those presented here.

A tag line delivers a positioning idea or message primarily to an external audience. The challenge in this case is deciding which message to deliver. In the consultations and discussions within this process, it became clear that Members are strongly interested in up to a half-dozen messages that have to do with such ideals as safety, the public good, quality, professionalism, creativity, problem solving and leadership.

As a result, a flexible approach to tag lines is being recommended in which two levels of tag line may be used.

a) the “Positioning” tag line will convey an abstract idea or thought about the professions

b) the “Descriptive” tag line will provide basic, core information to locate the professions within the world of science and technology

Depending on the purpose of the communication and the target audience, we would have the option of using either the Positioning or the Descriptive tag line, both the Positioning and Descriptive tag line together, or neither the Positioning nor Descriptive tag line. The selected tag lines must work equally well standing alone and together.

In the consultations and discussions within this process, ideally the objectives for the logo were:

  • to maintain a visual link to the current logo
  • to be contemporary, interesting and attractive
  • to respect the diversity of all the professions and disciplines within the APEGGA family (i.e., to be a logo for geoscience professionals as well as for professional engineers)
  • to stand for the professionals and designations in APEGGA, not just the organization
  • to communicate a sense of the professionalism and quality of Members
  • to communicate the sense of a dynamic and progressive professional family

Please indicate your preferred approach for each element of the visual identity: 1) the positioning tag line, 2) the descriptive tag line and 3) the logo (three proposed logos as well as the existing logo). For each element the choices are labeled A, B, C or D. In the spaces provided, please indicate which option is your first choice, your second choice, your third choice and your fourth choice.

The feedback received from Members before Friday, January 28, 2005, will be used to help make an informed decision about visual identity implementation. Member feedback on APEGGA’s visual identity will be summarized in a future edition of The PEGG.

For further information, contact Philip Mulder, APR, Manager Communications at 1-800-661-7020 or (780) 426-3990 or e-mail pmulder@apegga.org.

Thank you in advance for your participation in this feedback opportunity.

1. ONLINE: Use the link below to use our online feedback form.

2. PDF: download the form in pdf, fill in fields fax to Philip Mulder, APR, Manager Communications at (780) 425-1722, or mail the PDF form to: Philip Mulder, APR, Manager Communications APEGGA, 1500 Scotia One, 10060 Jasper Avenue NW, Edmonton AB, T5J 4A2, before Friday, January 28, 2005.

4. Detach the form from the January issue of The PEGG and fax or mail using the above information, so that it will be received before Friday, January 28, 2005.

Please use this form to contact Philip Mulder, APR, Manager Communications.


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