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February, 1999
Page 5 New Responsibilities Within Government
For Dan Bader, P.Eng.

The senior provincial civil servant who has served as a key bridge betweenbader2.jpg (4149 bytes) APEGGA and the Alberta government on matters relating to the Engineering, Geological and Geophysical Professions (EGGP) Act is taking up new duties within the government.Dan Bader, P.Eng., as Deputy Minister, reported to Minister of Public Works Supply and Services, Hon. Stan Woloshyn, M.L.A., the minister responsible for the EGGP Act. Mr. Bader has been reassigned, effective Feb. 1, to the new role of Deputy Minister responsible for Alberta Well Net and implementation of the new Imagis human resources system. Additionally, Mr. Bader will retain responsibility for information technology services, now housed with Public Works. He will report to the Ministers of Health, and Public Works, Supply and Services. “This new and unique position is being created to ensure a more efficient and integrated approach to the information technology functions of government,” Premier Ralph Klein stated in a news release outlining a realignment of responsibilities for Mr. Bader and several other senior public servants.Commenting on the good relationship the Association has enjoyed with Mr. Bader, APEGGA Executive Director Neil Windsor, P.Eng., said: “ Dan has been our lifeline with government and primarily responsible for the tremendous progress we have made during the past several years in improving and revising the EGGP Act and strengthening our relationship with government. He has also been at the centre of discussions leading toward the creation of a defined scope of practice for certain highly qualified technologists. Dan Bader has been a good friend of APEGGA and, more importantly, he has been a good ambassador for our professions within government. His new responsibilities reflect the confidence placed in him by government. The good news is that he may still be directly responsible for the EGGP Act and, consequently, for the affairs of APEGGA and we will continue to look to him for advice and support. We wish him every success with the important challenges his new role will bring.” 


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