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March, 1999
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APEGGA Council has approved a series of proposed changes to the Engineering, Geological and Geophysical Professions (EGGP) Act, as well as to it Regulations, to accommodate the Defined Scope of Practice for suitably qualified technologists.  The changes are subject to approval by APEGGA's Annual General meeting on April 23 in Calgary.  There also is need for approval by the Alberta Legislature (in the case of Act changes) and Cabinet (in the case of Regulations).  The proposed changes arise from the understanding reached last fall by the Alberta Minister of Public Works, Supplies and Services Stan Woloshyn; APEGGA; and the Alberta Society of Engineering Technologists (ASET).  That agreement would provide to certain technologists, with appropriate qualifications and experience, and independent and clearly defined scope of practice within the provisions of the EGGP Act.

Generally, the changes involve adding to the existing legislation the membership category "registered professional technologist" where the words professional, engineer, geologist, geophysicist, licensee or permit holder now are defined.

Reference is made to two source documents:

  • Specified Scope of Practice - an APEGGA Discussion Paper January 1996;
  • Regulation of the Practice of Engineering - Principles Approved - 21 July 1998 by the Minister of Public Works Supply and Services.

The proposal to amend the Act and the Regulations includes the necessary legislation to register as "Registered Professional Technologists",. individuals nominated by the Alberta Society of Engineering Technologists, who meet the requirements set out in the proposed Regulations.  Amendments to the definitions contained in the Act to enable the creation of a new class of individuals licensed under the Act and Regulations were proposed.  Where appropriate, there are consequential amendments, given that these individuals will be entitled to engage in the practice of engineering, to ensure that the privileges and responsibilities of being licensed apply, albeit in a defined scope.   The proposed changes to the Act enable there to be individuals who are given defined scopes of practice under geology and geophysics.  However, there are no Regulations proposed to create such additional categories of individuals except for Those Registered Engineering Technologists approved by a Joint Registration Board, to be nominated by ASET.

A register of those who are approved by the APEGGA Board of Examiners is maintained by the Registrar.  The final approval of the definition of the individual's scope of practice is included in the responsibilities of the Board of Examiners.  A stamp or seal is envisioned. Those approved are subject to the discipline process, any practice review requirements (including the continuing professional development requirements), the Code of Ethics and are required to maintain an annually renewable licence with APEGGA.   The approved titles are reserved to those approved by APEGGA and there is provision to enforce against unauthorized use of the title.  There are also provisions to enforce against unauthorized or improper use of the stamp or seal by anyone except those approved by APEGGA.

The Board of Examiners is expanded to include two professional technologists.

The professional technologist may become the "responsible member' for a Permit to Practice issued to a corporation, partnership or other entity entitled to engage in the practice of engineering within their defined scope.

The details of the qualifications of the professional technologists are to be outlined in the Regulations.  The Code of Ethics of the Association applies to these individuals' conduct.  There is a provision to include them on the Investigate Committee.



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