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March, 1999
Page 7 Ruben Nelson Will Be Featured Speaker
At APEGGA’s ‘99 AGM Luncheon

uben Nelson, executive director of the Capitalizing on Change Project and president of Square One Management Ltd., will speak to the APEGGA AGM Luncheon at Calgary’s Palliser Hotel on April 23. His topic will be "Thinking Ahead — Preparing Alberta for a Changing Future".

Mr. Nelson is a fellow of the World Business Academy, the World Academy of Art and Science, and the Meridian Institute for Leadership, Governance and Change.

A native Calgarian, Ruben Nelson lives in Lac des Arcs and has explored our changing world for over 30 years. He is considered a Canadian pioneer of serious thinking about the future.

During his speech he is expected to explore questions such as: Why is the Industrial Age ending, and why now? What forces are driving this transformation? What new way of living is struggling to be born within us and among us? What can we do now to become agents of this change? What will it cost us if we do? And if we don’t.

For more information about the APEGGA Annual General Conference, see notices pages 11 and 21. Tickets for the luncheon only are $20 for members and the general public, and $10 for students. For AGM Luncheon reservations, contact Barb Robinson or Shirley Layne at (780) 426-3990, ext. 347 or 348 respectively, or (within North America) 1-800-661-7020.


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