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March, 1999
Page 3 Stan Woloshyn Pays Tribute to APEGGA and ASET

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Speaking to a dinner on the eve of APEGGA’s Feb. 4 Council meeting in Edmonton, Minister of Public Works, Supply and Services Stan Woloshyn paid tribute to efforts by APEGGA and the Alberta Society of Engineering Technologists (ASET) to develop a defined scope of practice for technologists.

The audience of approximately 75 included representatives of the government, elected and appointed officials from a number of other Alberta professional associations, and APEGGA representatives.

Referring to the understanding reached on the independent defined scope practice by suitably qualified technologists, Mr. Woloshyn said: "I would like to thank the people from ASET and APEGGA who have strived very hard to make this work."

He added, that an important consideration all along has been "to provide Albertans with the highest standard of engineering design and public safety as well as to accommodate personal aspirations and — in this case — to expand the possibility for technologists to work at their highest possible level."

Referring to the positive partnership role between APEGGA and his department and the Alberta Government, Mr. Woloshyn noted that the Association’s membership is involved in some $9 billion-worth of economic activity covering many industry sectors in the province.

"APEGGA and Alberta have virtually grown up together," said the minister.

"Your association and my government have a common goal of making this a better place to live both for ourselves and the generations to come."

In addition to the defined scope of practice, other areas where co-operation between APEGGA and government that have produced results include:

  • changes to the Professional Statutes Amendment Act to prevent double taxation in connection with municipal licensing of professionals;
  • changes to the statute of limitations legislation reducing the period in which legal action can be launched against professionals;
  • efforts to simplify the wording of Alberta laws and regulations; and
  • support of educational endeavours.

APEGGA Past President Fred Otto, P.Eng., PhD, thanked for the close working relationship the Association has enjoyed with Mr. Woloshyn and his staff during his tenure as minister responsible for the EGGP Act.

"We are opening a new era," said Dr. Otto. "We’ve come to a point where we can work together and really do some great things together, which is the way it should be, since technologists and engineers, geologists and geophysicists naturally work together."


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