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The PEGG April 1999

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Climate Change a Ring of Truth or a Reign of Error?

The PEGG begins a three-part series of articles on policies and initiatives prompted by the climate change debate.

Annual Report Summary Included in The PEGG

A summary of the APEGGA 1998-99 Annual Report is published in this edition of The PEGG.
(The Annual Report is posted on the web.)

President’s Notebook / 3

In his final column, President Dan Motyka, P.Eng., discusses the repercussions of Memorial University of Newfoundland’s plan to offer a "software engineering" program outside the university’s engineering faculty.

Kudos For Confederation Bridge / 3

The Confederation Bridge has been named among the five most significant Canadian engineering achievements of the 20th century.

Letters / 4

Readers express their views.

Council Endorses"Software" Stand/ 5

At a special meeting, APEGGA Council has unanimously backed the position taken by the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Newfoundland toward Memorial University of Newfoundland’s software engineering program.

Voluntary Service Awards /5

Two members received voluntaty service awards at the February Edmonton District meeting

Across Canada/ 5

News from other associations includes an item about an Engineers-in-Residence pilot project in Ontario schools.

Bylaw changes / 6

APEGGA’s Annual General Meeting will be asked to consider legislative changes as they affect Registered Professional Technologists.

Disappearing Landmarks/ 7

The grain elevator became not only a familiar Prairie presence, it exemplified efficient and easily replicated design.

Continuing Education Focus of Forum/ 8

The first-ever national Forum on Continuing Education, sponsored by the Canadian Council of Professional Engineers, has been judged a success.

Campus News/ 9

For the first time in many years, the University of Alberta is about to add some new engineering buildings. See this page for student news from the Universities of Calgary and Alberta.

RJC Builds Upon Its Traditions/ 10

Read, Jones Christoffersen President Norm Webster, P.Eng., insists on upholding the principles which have guided the consulting firm for more than half a century.

A Small Idea Takes Flight/ 10

The Alberta Microelectronics Corporation and Brian Moore, P.Eng., see big potential for small devices such as electronic tags used to track the movements of birds and smaller creatures.

Donald Currie’s Resourceful Voice/ 12

Donald Currie, P.Geol., the 1998 recipient of the APEGGA L.C. Charlesworth Award, has served as an effective and colourful spokesman for Alberta’s resource sector.

Emissions Trading/ 13

Industry is invited to participate in the Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Trading pilot project.

In the News/ 14

APEGGA members and firms making moves and gaining recognition.

Meeting Standards/ 15

CSA International, until recently the Canadian Standards Association, plays an important part in ensuring the products we use, produce and sell meet accepted standards at home and abroad.

Have Your Say/ 16

Careers/ 17


PEGG These Dates/ 18


APEGGA & Societies Calendar/ 19


Registration/ 20


Agenda and Registration for APEGGA Annual Conference/ 22-23


Diversification Brings Benefits/ 23


A Capital Idea/ 24

Getting Iqaluit, Canada’s newest capital, ready to serve as seat of government of the new Nunavut Territory, requires some special arctic engineering know-how.





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