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Summit Celebrations
Unmask Excellence / 1

There was a Mardi Gras-like atmosphere at APEGGA's Summit Awards® recognizing achievements within the professions, technical advances and contributions to the community. Laurie Kennedy, P.Eng., PhD, received the Association's highest recognition, the APEGGA Centennial Leadership Award.

AGM Approves Regulation On
Compulsory Continuing Education / 1

The approval of regulations relating to compulsory mandatory education was one of the matters dealt with at APEGGA's Annual General Meeting, held April 18 in Calgary. Those in attendance also witnessed the installation of Dennis Lindberg, P.Eng., as the Association's 78th President.

President's Notebook / 3

In his inaugural column, APEGGA Present Dennis Lindberg, P.Eng., writes about the Association's activities and role within the enforcement field.

Council Briefs / 3

Issues dealt with by APEGGA Council during its meeting April 16-17 in Calgary included formal adoption of a revised Governance Model for the Association and approval of the publication of Continuing Professional Development: A Guideline for Professional Members, which outlines requirements and expectations placed on members under the mandatory continuing professional development program adopted by the Association.

Letters to the Editor / 4

APEGGA Council
1997-98 Roster / 4-5

As a result of the recent elections, three new Councillors are joining APEGGA Council. The elections also have resulted in changes in the membership of the Executive Committee.

New Public Members / 5

Hon. Judge Michael G. Stevens-Guille, Q.C., and Dr. Stanley G. Souch have been named as Public Members of APEGGA Council. New Public Members also have been appointed to several boards and committees.

Contributing Toward
The Alberta Advantage / 5

Alberta Economic Development Authority Co-Chair Charlotte Robb challenged APEGGA members to contribute toward the Alberta Advantage.

The President / 6

APEGGA's new President, Dennis Lindberg, P.Eng., answers questions posed by The PEGG.

The story is accompanied by an article tracing Mr. Lindberg's career and his contributions toward his profession and the Association.

Summit Winners / 8-9

Pages 8 and 9 of The PEGG contains more detailed information on the background and accomplishments of the eight 1997 APEGGA Summit Award Winners.

A Thanks
To Sponsors / 10

Sponsors of the 1997 Summit Awards® are recognized.

Holds PD Day / 10

On the same day as the Summit Awards®, APEGGA held a Professional Development Day attended by about 125 participants.

Perspectives / 11

Katherine Bondy and Rob Macdonald, P.Eng., offer alternatives to the traditional approach used to conduct personnel performance appraisals.

Driving Without An Aerial / 12

Norman R. Ball has eclectic tastes when it comes to reading. He suggests that engineers and geoscientists might benefit from similar habits.

Harley Hotchkiss
More Than Mr. Hockey / 13

Harley Hotchkiss, P.Geol., is chairman of the National Hockey League's Board of Governors and a Calgary Flames owner, but his influence extends far beyond the sports arena.

In the News / 14

Edo Nyland, P.Geoph., PhD, who captured the Progressive Conservative nomination in Edmonton Strathcona, is among the APEGGA members in the news.

Students Find Jobs / 15

Engineering and earth science students are discovering a receptive job market.

Calgary Science Network / 16

The Calgary Science Network continues its efforts to bring science and technology to the general public and especially to young people.

U of C Student News / 16

New APEGGA Ads / 17

APEGGA has launched a new print advertising campaign.

Engineering in the Straw / 17

Alberta engineers are seeking new ways to use the province's abundant supplies of cereal straw.

Have Your Say / 18

The PEGG's monthly cartoon feature.

Registration / 20-21

Careers / 21

PEGG These Dates / 22

APEGGA Calendar / 23

Kim Sturgess
Has Firm Commitment / 24

Revolve Technologies President Kim Sturgess, P.Eng., applies to community causes the same enthusiasm and determination she directs to her young technology company.


This month's PEGG includes an insert recognizing the many APEGGA volunteers who have served on Association committees and boards in the past year.

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