APEGGA Launches
Education Foundation

Engineering and geoscience education in Alberta will get a boost from a new Association initiative, the APEGGA Education Foundation. For years, APEGGA has supported excellence in education through its annual awards and scholarships programs. Currently, nearly $75,000 is provided annually to students pursuing university engineering, geology or geophysics studies, as well as to local educators who excel in the teaching of science or math.
APEGGA Education Foundation Officers
President: Harry Moore, P.Eng.
Vice-President: Bob Comer, P.Geoph.

David Lynch, P.Eng., PhD

Raj Rajan, P.Eng., PhD

Philip Ross, P.Eng., P.Geol.

Ashok Seghal, P.Eng.

Debbie Wershler, P.Geol.

Chan Wirasinghe, P.Eng., PhD

Staff: Trevor Maine, P.Eng.

The foundation will expand on this program by encouraging and assisting educational institutions to develop and deliver educational programs, providing financial assistance and awards, fostering partnerships between industry and academia (at the corporate and individual levels), and promoting the profile of the three professions, particularly with regard to advancing science and technology. Provincial engineering and geoscience associations in British Columbia and Ontario have set up similar foundations.

The foundation consists of eight directors, supported by one staff representative. It will operate at arm's length from the Association, managing funds and building endowments, encouraging donations, and distributing funds. The foundation will also be actively promoting donations from members and permit holders. An application for charitable status has been made to Revenue Canada, which would allow for the provision of income tax receipts for donors.

Look for more information on the foundation and its activities in future issues of The PEGG, including the launch of a distinctive logo.

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