Report Card on Student Outreach

By Jeanne Keaschuk

APEGGA Student Outreach Co-ordinator.

When the 1996-97 school term ends in June, the report card for volunteers involved in APEGGA's Student Outreach Program will show high marks earned for their effort to meet the increasing requests from schools. In fact, new records will be set this year for classroom visits and participation in science-related activities.

A tremendous amount of talent, time and energy have been expended by approximately 300 APEGGA volunteers around the province, but particularly in Calgary and Edmonton. The fine efforts of these volunteers have done much to further the popularity of APEGGA's Student Outreach Program and their contributions are to be applauded. They have done a commendable job in heightening awareness and understanding of science, and for being ambassadors of the professions. Not to be forgotten are the many employers who support members in their participation of this program.

The program, which offers a wide range of assistance to science and math educators, and heightens awareness of science careers, continues to draw increased use and interest from the teaching community. There are a number of reasons for the demand, one of which can be attributed to the quality of program which members provide. Another reason is the science curricula taught. The new elementary science curriculum implemented this year has at least 15 engineering or geoscience related topics; junior high has 12; and at the high school level, most of the science taught is applicable to engineering, geology and geophysics. The program is popular with teachers because engineers and geoscientists can show the connection science has to real life and careers.

There can be a downside to increased popularity which unfortunately the Edmonton program experienced when requests exceeded the capabilities of its 106-member volunteer pool. By March, the program was fully booked through to June. From March to the end of May, more than 50 requests for classroom presentations could not be accepted.

More volunteers are always needed for this program - for every area of the province-for all kinds of activities, including development of materials, judging, booth events, classroom presentations and much more.

If you would like to get involved in next year's program, contact Jeanne Keaschuk at the Edmonton APEGGA office.

Phone: 426-3990

Toll free: 1-800-661-7020


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