APEGGA Members Receiving Voluntary Service Award  

 The following individuals have already or will be
receiving Voluntary Service Awards.

Dietmar Bloedorn, P.Eng.

Wayne Delbeke, P.Eng.

Paul Gordon, P.Eng.

Alfred Hartling, P.Geol.

Ralph Hildenbrandt, P.Eng.

Brendan O'Flynn, P.Eng.

Don Peel, P.Geol.

Hugh Powell, P.Eng.

Jim Seale, P.Eng.

Allen Swanson, P.Eng.

Walter Sydoryk, P.Eng.

Fred Vaneldik, P.Eng., PhD

Linda Van Gastel, P.Eng.

Kevin Walker, P.Eng.

The Voluntary Service Award is presented to members of the Association who have accumulated six years of committee service. Recipients receive a framed certificate noting six years of dedicated voluntary service. The recipients are among the more than 400 APEGGA members who each year serve on committees and boards or are involved in branch work on behalf of the Association.

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