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July, 1999
Page 6 APEGGA Statement On Climate Change

Following a presentation by APEGGA’s Environment Committee at the April 22 APEGGA Council meeting, Council approved publication of the following statement on climate change, upon the conclusion of a three-part series on climate change issues carried in the April, May and June editions of The PEGG.

APEGGA’s professional membership represents a broad spectrum of individual positions on climate change. APEGGA remains neutral with respect to specific climate change targets. APEGGA does not favour any specific sector’s position.

However, in response to the climate change issue, APEGGA does support:

1) the efficient and responsible use of our energy and natural resources

2) continuing dialogue to facilitate understanding among APEGGA members and with the broader public

3) ongoing awareness of, and due regard for, linkages between climate change and other environmental concerns. APEGGA’s Environmental Guideline provides further guidance to its members

4) continuing research to develop cost-effective and socially acceptable technologies to address climate change concerns

5) key business and individual consumer actions to improve energy efficiency as identified in Alberta’s Strategy for Action on Climate Change.

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