Carpenter Training
From Truss Industry

The Western Wood Truss Association of Alberta has developed a training program for carpenters engaged in erecting wood trusses, Wood "I" Joists and manufactured beams. The course is taught in A one-day seminar and includes:

In this course, the participants not only learn the proper rules of using the structural wood products but also the reasons why these rules exist. At the end of the course the attendees write a simple test and upon passing are issued a Certificate of Attendance.

Starting in January, four courses were offered in Calgary, Edmonton and Lethbridge with an overall attendance of about 130 persons. Most of the construction workers attending came courtesy of residential builders, fewer came from the ranks of commercial builders.

The courses will be offered again during the winter months in major Alberta centres with as many being run as the demand will dictate. The structural wood and component manufacturers would like to see that professional engineers and architects demand in their future specifications that at least the leaders of the construction crews are trained in proper use of their products.

For more information about this program, please write or fax to the WWTA AB 527 Queensland Circle S.E., Calgary, AB, T2J 4P7, Phone and Fax 271-0520, or contact any WWTA member.