Many of our members and permit holders have received correspondence from ASET regarding their desire to establish an independent scope of practice for Registered Professional Technologists. This approach is highly inappropriate in view of the fact that discussions on this issue are ongoing with ASET and with Government. Unfortunately the letter projects an inaccurate picture of the status of negotiations and misrepresents APEGGA's position on this issue.

APEGGA has offered to develop a specified scope of practice within the EGGP Act for a certain number of technologists who can demonstrate that they are fully qualified, through a combination of academic training and years of experience, under the supervision of a professional member, to accept responsibility for a clearly defined area of engineering practice. ASET, on the other hand, is seeking legislative authority as a self-governing profession to administer all matters required to license certain technologists to independently practice a defined scope of engineering.

Also at issue is the question of who should decide which technologists are so qualified. APEGGA's position is that our Board of Examiners are legislated under the EGGP Act to fulfil this responsibility. We do not accept ASET's proposal to create a second licensing body which would be comprised of a majority of ASET members. Since we are talking about the practice of engineering clearly, therefore, engineers must decide who is qualified to do so even in a defined area. Our responsibility to ensure the safety of the public demands no less.

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