Committee and Board Chairs

APEGGA Council has approved the following chairs of committees, boards and
task forces for 1998-99.


  COMMITTEE / Board / Task Force   CHAIR  
  APEGGA/ASET Joint Registration Board   Leslie Filion, R.E.T.  
  APEGGA/ASET Joint Appeal Board   Barrie Touchings, LL.B.  
  Appeal Board   Judy Newbert, P.Eng.  
  Act, Regulations and Bylaws Committee   Gordon Stewart, P.Eng.  
  AGM/Summit Awards Committee   Stephen Calderwood, P.Eng.  
  CSEG/CSPG/APEGGA Liaison Committee   Alice Payne, P.Geol.  
  Communications Planning Committee   Nick Malychuk, P.Eng.  
  Discipline Committee   Larry Staples, P.Eng.  
  Edmonton District Committee   Dave Rumbold, P.Eng.  
  Emerging Disciplines Council Task Force   Elizabeth Cannon, P.Eng., PhD  
  Enforcement Review Committee   Darcie Greggs, P.Geol.  
  Environment Committee   Environment Committee  
  Geoscience Council Task Force   Neil O'Donnell, P.Eng., P.Geol.  
  Honours and Awards Committee   Steve Fedyna, P.Eng.  
  Investigative Committee   Anast Demitt, P.Eng.  
  Joint Board of Practice   J. Rockliff, MAAA
M.J. Rosseker, P.Eng.
  Past Presidents Advisory Committee   Fred Otto, P.Eng., PhD  
  Practice Review Board   Allan Doell, P.Eng.  
  Practice Standards Committee   Curtis Feeg, P.Eng.  
  Professional Development Committee   Jon Greggs, P.Geol.  
  University of Alberta Student Liaison   Larry Kelly, P.Eng.  
  University of Calgary Student Liaison   Steve Giacomin, P.Eng.  
  Nominating Committee   Fred Otto, P.Eng., PhD  
  Staff Benefits Committee   Don Bellow, P.Eng., PhD  
  Specified Scope of Practice Task Force   Fred Otto, P.Eng., PhD