APEGGA Council attempts to hold one regular meeting a year at a location other than Edmonton or Calgary. The following items were on the agenda or discussed at the Sept. 17 meeting in Lethbridge.



Dennis Lindberg Remembered

In memory of Dennis Lindberg, P.Eng., APEGGA's 1997-98 President, who died in July, a bagpipe lament was played by APEGGA Director Special Projects Stewart McIntosh, P.Eng., at the start of proceedings. President Dan Motyka, P.Eng., paid tribute to the courage that Mr. Lindberg displayed during the illness leading to his death.

Later, Council gave the Executive Committee the responsibility of suggesting an appropriate, lasting means of honoring Mr. Lindberg, and his contributions to APEGGA and his profession.

Millennium Project

Following a recommendation by 1st Vice President Darrel Danyluk, P.Eng., APEGGA will examine ways of marking the arrival of the new millennium and the contributions that the Association and the professions have made to Alberta. APEGGA remains open to suggestions and may actively solicit suggestions from its members.

Video Conferencing

Executive Director Neil Windsor, P.Eng., reported that video conferencing facilities will be installed in APEGGA's Edmonton and Calgary offices. This is expected to result in cost savings and reduce travel time for Association volunteers and staff.

National CPD Forum

Noel Cleland, P.Eng., a former APEGGA president and now a member of the Executive Committee of the Canadian Council of Professional Engineers, (CCPE) will chair a National Forum on Engineering and Continuing Competence to be held March 1 in Ottawa, following a CCPE Board meeting, The forum is expected to attract about 100 participants representing provincial associations as well as technical societies and institutions offering technical meetings and courses of interest to engineers.

Pressure Vessels Inspection Report

Coun. Gordon Stewart, P.Eng., submitted a report to Council covering concerns about present procedures for the approval of pressure vessels fabricated and used in Alberta. The report notes that at present the Alberta Boilers Safety Association, the body responsible for regulation and control of boilers and pressure equipment, can only check for the minimum compliance with the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.

The report, submitted to Council and referred to APEGGA's Enforcement Review Committee, (which is expected to report to the next Council meeting) calls for higher standards of inspection and compliance.

APEGGA's Draft Business Plan

Council received as information a draft 1999 Business Plan - Toward a New Millennium. The plan builds upon and refines a long-range plan initiated in 1996 and updated last year. The draft plan includes projected increases in membership through to the year 2006.
Individual membership in the Association is expected to show a four-per-cent rise this year, then level off next year and slowly increase in the year 2000. Council is to review the business plan at its next meeting in November.

Mobility Agreement

APEGGA's concerns relating to an interprovincial mobility agreement, developed through the CCPE and aimed at facilitating the transfer of membership from one province or territory to another, have been met. The agreed changes to the agreement call for minimum requirements of the accepting province having to be met, if these requirements are more stringent than in another province.

Student Liaison Committees

Director of Professional Development Len Shrimpton, P.Eng., in presenting the 1998-99 APEGGA committee roster also recommended revised terms of reference for the APEGGA Student Liaison Committees at the universities of Alberta and Calgary. The liaison committee will place greater emphasis on professional development and interaction by APEGGA members and students in connection with career opportunities.

Professional Development For M.I.T.s

Council has approved the development of a mentoring guideline and workshop. The initiative would provide structure for the non-technical learning expectations for Members-in-Training, and would establish specific expectations and goals for both the proteges and mentors.

Task Forces Report

Three task forces reported to Council.

A report from The Task Force on Workplace Issues, noted that the Code of Ethics now going through revision will include updated measures related to human rights. The task force also is urging APEGGA to move forward with development of a human rights policy for its employees. Two other task forces set up following CouncilŐs strategic planning session in May also reported.

Areas being explored by the Geoscience Task Force, chaired by Coun. Neil OŐDonnell, P.Eng., P.Geol., include development of a brief statement about professionalism in the geosciences and an open house in Calgary to gather the views from registered and unregistered geoscientists. The Emerging Disciplines Task Force, chaired by Coun. Elizabeth Cannon, P.Eng., PhD, reported that it has developed a four-point mandate, namely:

Western Group Holds Meeting

Council was informed that officials from APEGGA and the other Western provincial and territorial associations held the first session of the 'Western Group' on Aug. 21 to discuss issues of mutual concern. Associations in the Atlantic region have a similar informal arrangement.