October , 1999

Initial Registrations of R.P.T. (Eng.)s
Expected Early in New Year

By Mark Tokarik, LL.B., P.Eng.

Mark Tokarik is APEGGA's Assistant Director Registration and Compliance.

The Alberta Legislature recently enacted changes to the Engineering, Geological and Geophysical Professions Act (EGGP) Act and Regulations to provide for the registration of Registered Professional Technologists (Engineering) ("R.P.T.(Eng.)"). The legislative changes will allow suitably qualified Registered Engineering Technologists ("RETs") to become registered with APEGGA as Registered Professional Technologists (Engineering) and to practice engineering independently within a defined scope of practice prescribed by the APEGGA Board of Examiners.

All applicants for the new R.P.T. (Eng.) designation must be RET members of the Alberta Society of Engineering Technologists (ASET) as a precondition for application. All applicants for the R.P.T.(Eng.) designation must go through a two-stage process. First, they must apply to ASET. The onus will be on each applicant to describe the defined scope of practice in which he or she is seeking registration as an R.P.T.(Eng.). ASET will review the application and will determine whether the applicant is suitable for nomination for registration as an R.P.T.(Eng.) with APEGGA. If ASET does nominate the applicant, the application will then be subject to APEGGA's registration process. The process will be similar to that followed in applications for professional membership. The final decision regarding registration will be made by APEGGA's Board of Examiners. If registration as an R.P.T. (Eng.) is granted, the Board of Examiners will prescribe the defined scope of practice in which the R.P.T.(Eng.) may engage.

In order to become registered as an R.P.T. (Eng.), an applicant must be of good character and reputation; must be an RET in good standing with ASET; must be nominated for registration as an R.P.T.(Eng.) by ASET; must be proficient in the English language; and must have obtained at least six years of experience in work of an engineering nature that is acceptable to the Board of Examiners, at least two of which are in the applicant's specific area of professional practice and which were completed under the supervision and control of a Professional Member. In addition, before an applicant can be registered as an R.P.T.(Eng.), he or she must pass the National Professional Practice Exam as is required of all Professional Members.

Registered Professional Technologists (Engineering) will be issued certificates of registration describing the defined scope of practice in which they will be able to engage. They will also be issued a stamp or seal designating them as Registered Professional Technologists (Engineering). R.P.T.(Eng.)s will have the same ability to practice engineering within Alberta as full Professional Members, but only within their defined scope of practice. They will be able to stamp or seal documents. They will also be able to apply for Permits to Practice and to offer their services to the public within their defined scope of practice.

Registered Professional Technologists (Engineering) will be bound by APEGGAs Code of Ethics and will be subject to the same disciplinary procedures as full Professional Members. R.P.T.(Eng.)s will also be subject to APEGGA's Continuing Professional Development Program. R.P.T.(Eng.)s will not be Members of APEGGA or have voting privileges.

The recent legislative changes permit the registration of Registered Professional Technologists in engineering. The legislation also provides for the registration of Registered Professional Technologists in geology or geophysics and all that is required to allow for the registration of R.P.T.(Geol.)s and R.P.T.(Geoph.)s are changes to the EGGP Regulations.

R.P.T. application materials became available for use in early October. APEGGA anticipates receiving the first group of nominations from ASET in late November or early December 1999 and expects the first group of Registered Professional Technologists (Engineering) will likely be registered in early 2000.

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