Tributes and Support For Dennis Lindberg
Greatly Appreciated

I was deeply moved when I read the cover article and President’s Notebook in the September issue of The PEGG, about my husband, Dennis Lindberg, P.Eng.

As many of your readers will know, Dennis cared profoundly about APEGGA and would have been touched by the many complimentary sentiments that were expressed about him. From the many people who have written or spoken to me about Dennis since his passing, I know he will be greatly missed. I also know how hard it was for him to say goodbye to his many friends and colleagues with whom he shared a deep commitment to their profession. In many ways his work was not done, but I know Dennis took solace in the knowledge that there were so many excellent professionals with integrity, dedication and vision to carry on the work.

Dennis did achieve a most important goal that he set out to do. Through his experience on APEGGA Council, he realized just how much APEGGA did for its members. He wanted to return some of what he had been given as a member and as an engineer.

Dennis was deeply honoured to have been chosen as President of APEGGA. One of the more difficult aspects of his early diagnoses, was the realization that he might not be able to fulfil his duties as President. Dennis was extremely appreciative of the APEGGA Council, Neil Windsor, P.Eng., and the APEGGA staff, who so willingly took on the extra tasks that he was unable to do.

Thank you again for your tributes to Dennis.


Jacquie Lindberg

Postage Stamp For Iron Ring A Good Idea

Petitioning Canada Post to issue an Iron Ring 75th Anniversary stamp in Y2K is well worth the effort, and an innovative idea (The PEGG, October, Page 6).

It would go some distance toward catching the public’s eye. All the associations are trying to get that visibility, and you just can’t buy as much as a stamp would deliver. Concurrent to giving the background on the Iron Ring, Kipling’s role, etc., the write-up accompanying the stamp’s issue (in Canada Post’s "Details" and/or "Collections" publications) could provide the forum to correct some misinformation . . . that the rings are:


Don Hyde