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CEA Spurs Change

Past CEA Presidents
Back row from left: Ron Tenove, P.Eng., Rick Prentice, P.Eng., Shawn McKeown, P.Eng., Jack O'Brien, P.Eng., Ken Pilip, P.Eng., Dave Chalcroft, P.Eng., Paul Ruffell, P.Eng., Bob Kavanagh, P.Eng., Bob Gomes,P.Eng., Al Stretch, P.Eng., Don Ferrier, P.Eng., and Stan Ragan, P.Eng.
Front: Herb Kuehne, P.Eng., Allen Williams, P.Eng., Barry Lester, P.Eng., Darrel Danyluk, P.Eng., and Bill Eadie, P.Eng.

A 25th anniversary, an office move and the planning of another celebration of member excellence have kept the Consulting Engineers of Alberta worksheet full these days.

The 2004 Showcase Awards Gala will be held in Edmonton, this year, on Feb. 7 at the Ramada Edmonton Inn, featuring the theme Mobsters, Malls and All That Jazz. Movers planted the CEA in new digs in the Scotia Building in Edmonton in mid-December, making the association an APEGGA neighbour. And on Oct. 22, CEA held a 25th anniversary party in Edmonton, attracting about 330 members and other well-wishers.

CEA celebrated its anniversary as a well-structured, focused organization that has earned the respect of government, clients and the consulting community in Canada and beyond. The association has come a long way since 1978, when principals from several consulting firms met in Edmonton to launch it under the Alberta Societies Act, with Associated Engineering’s Jack O’Brien, P.Eng., as president.

The founding firms already belonged to the Association of Consulting Engineers of Canada, but by the late 1970s it was apparent Alberta would benefit from consultants speaking with a united voice to government and others.

Former CEA president Darrel Danyluk, P.Eng., explains: “CEA had a vision of being recognized and of being influential with government and clients. We’re there, we’ve established that identity.”

As the industry continues to evolve, expect CEA to pursue its role in educating members and clients. CEA-sponsored seminars foster understanding of technical and business issues?such as the environment, liability, taxation, marketing, quality management and exporting.

“ It is very important to make clients understand the benefits of quality-base selection of consultants,” says Allen Williams, P.Eng., CEA’s 1999-2000 president. Slated to assume the Association of Consulting Engineers of Canada chairmanship in 2004, Mr. Williams is among numerous CEA representatives who have contributed nationally.

Since 1997, CEA’s Showcase awards and magazine have celebrated and drawn wider notice to CEA members’ achievements. These and other events, like the annual golf tournament, demonstrate that CEA also finds ways to have fun.

For ticket or other information on this year’s Showcase Awards Gala, call Kate Osler at CEA’s new phone number, 421-1852, or e-mail her at kosler@ceaca. New address for the CEA is 511 Scotia Two, 10060 Jasper Ave., Edmonton, T5J 3R8. New fax number is 424-5225.

Impressed by CEA’s quarter century of accomplishments, its founding treasurer and former R.M. Hardy & Associates principal Harold Morrison, P.Eng., says: “CEA is everything that any of us could have realistically expected.”

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