Terri-Jane Yuzda

Conference Sessions Range From
Climate Change to Mind Mapping

Manager, Professional Development

Check off April 22 and 23 for the professional development sessions at the 2004 APEGGA Annual Conference in Edmonton. With six different two-day streams available, there’s going to be something for everyone.

You will be able to register in a full two-day stream of your choice or register in separate half-day sessions to customize the range of your learning. This year speakers from both industry and government will provide broad perspectives on several technical issues.

The two-day stream Climate Change and Opportunities covers various aspects of this important and topical issue. Presenters will address the scientific definition of climate change, and policies and plans put in place by government.

Vulnerabilities, opportunities and challenges facing the engineering and geoscience communities will be reviewed. There will also be discussion of opportunities with large- and small-scale technologies in regard to greenhouse gases.

The stream Technical Perspectives addresses several developing technologies in Alberta. Provincial experts will present The Exploration and Development of Bitumen; The Present and Future of Geomatics in Alberta; Awareness and Opportunities in Nanotechnology and Coalbed Methane and Water Resources.

We hope these sessions answer questions engineers, geologists, geophysicists and other interested individuals may have.

Our two-day leadership stream is based on four powerful presentations. A successful municipal manager will speak about Strategic Planning and Changing Corporate Culture. The leader of Alberta’s Quality Council will present the National Quality Council’s Framework for Excellence in Performance. The stream also features a session offering several models for effective decision-making.

Workplaces are enriched by professional, ethnic, racial and other diversity. Many members are engaged in work with other countries. The session Embracing Diversity will provide tips on how to maximize these opportunities.

Have you ever wanted to discover or develop your creativity to enhance your design ability? Could there be a creative new technique for making meetings more productive? Have you wondered about shortcuts to get through all your reading effectively, prepare better position papers or capture the key points in presentations or courses?

Then the presentations of Nancy Peterson could be for you. She’s been trained in the methods of the by the leading theorists of our time in the areas of learning and creativity – Edward de Bono and Tony Buzan. Ms. Peterson will present for two days on lateral thinking, mind-mapping, six thinking hats and whole brain thinking. Based on experience with these techniques, I can tell you that they are powerful and they work.

Dr. George Jergeas, P.Eng., associate professor of project management at the University of Calgary’s Department of Civil Engineering, will give two full days on advanced project management. Dr. Jergeas will provide a project management framework and explain how to manage fast-tracked projects. His session will also address building and sustaining project teams and how to manage project risks.

There are many ways to maximize your quality of work life. Our sixth two-day stream will examine several of these ways.

Knowing how to Manage Your Career in the Changing Workplace is of increasing interest to our members. The matter of intellectual property concerns more and more of us in today’s workplace and Bill Page, P.Eng., will help us understand the related legalities.

You will not want to miss the professional development choices at this conference – watch for more details in the February edition of The PEGG.

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