Terri-Jane Yuzda

Military Engineers Donate Books
Marking Their Centennial

From left, Lt.-Col. (Retired) Ralph Gienow, Lt.-Col. C.D. Wright, APEGGA Executive Director Neil Windsor, P.Eng., Brig.-Gen. Jerry Silva and Lt.-Col. Erik Carey acknowledge the centennial of the Canadian Military Engineers, during a visit to the APEGGA offices.

Last November APEGGA members joined with other Canadians in remembering the unselfish acts of the many men and women who have served the nation in the armed forces. Some may have given special thought to the contributions made by Canada’s military engineers, who marked their centennial of service in 2003.

During the First and Second World Wars, the Korean conflict and on many peace-keeping missions since, the exploits of our military engineers have been remarkable. Many of those stories have been collected and recorded in a three-volume set of history books complete with maps, illustrations and photographs.

Brig.-Gen. Jerry Silva recently led a delegation of active and retired Canadian Military Engineers to present a set to Executive Director Neil Windsor, P.Eng., who received the books on behalf of all APEGGA members.

“There is no legal requirement for engineers in the military to be licenced by APEGGA, nevertheless many choose to become members,” said Mr. Windsor. “We congratulate them and all of their comrades in the Canadian Military Engineers, as they celebrate 100 years of commitment and service to our nation.”

The books are currently on display in the 15th floor reception area of the Scotia Place offices in Edmonton and are available for review or study. If you would like to borrow the books, please contact Ina Olydam at (780) 426-3990, 1-800-661-7020 or iolydam@apegga.org.

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