Terri-Jane Yuzda

Medicine Hat Engineer Was Part of
Brickyard Heritage

A Medicine Hat engineer with a family background tied to the community’s brickyard heritage died Sept. 5 at the age of 80. William John Carse “Jack” Sissons, P.Eng., a life member of APEGGA, was born in nearby Redcliff but moved to Medicine Hat in 1929, where he played and then worked in the family brickyards at Medicine Hat Brick and Tile Company.

Mr. Sissons attended the University of Alberta in Edmonton, but his studies were interrupted by his service as an air force navigator in the Second World War. After demobilization, he switched to mechanical engineering at the University of British Columbia, where he met his future wife, Nancy-Ruth.

In 1953 he began a sales job for the family company in Calgary. He and Nancy-Ruth moved to Medicine Hat in 1959, where he continued as sales manager of the company and later became vice-president of marketing for I-XL Industries Ltd., a position he held until the late 1980s.

Mr. Sissons held various offices in the construction industry, including president of the Alberta Construction Association and vice-president of the Canadian Construction Association. He was also a co-founder of the Alberta Masonry Institute.

Mr. Sisson’s activities extended into the larger community, as well. He was involved in the Scouting movement as a leader, receiving the Silver Acorn Award for long service from the Alberta Scout Association and organizing the building of a new Scout training building. He served on the University of Lethbridge Senate, and he was an elder in St. John’s Presbyterian Church, where he sang in the choir. Mr. Sissons was also a skier and boater.

He is survived by his wife, Nancy-Ruth, five children, nine grandchildren, nieces, nephews and other friends and family.

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