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PEGGasus Launched Nov. 24

PEGGasus Demo
Derek McCune demonstrates PEGGasus at an official launch reception. Launches at APEGGA’s offices in Edmonton and Calgary introduced the online marketplace to representatives of government, industry, universities, technical societies and other groups, Nov. 27 and Dec. 3.

PEGGasus Market
Development Manager

The online professional development marketplace PEGGasus formally kicked off on schedule on Nov. 24. Member response was so great that PEGGasus had trouble keeping up. Hindsight suggests we should have phased in the online announcement.

With the initial onslaught over, speed has improved. We will continue to monitor performance, and we will have made decisions with regard to a new server and other matters by the time this article hits the streets. If PEGGasus didn’t meet your initial expectations, please try again.

In early November, we promised you PEGGasus would have 400 professional development opportunities from more than 25 providers at launch. We’re pleased to say that we had 1,500 professional development opportunities from 30 providers.

Visit www.peggasus.ca and explore this wide range of management, event, technical and personal development opportunities. Search through them for quality opportunities from such providers as RedVector.com, Mount Royal College, EPIC (Educational Program Innovations Centre), PEICE (Petroleum Institute for Continuing Education), University of Alberta, University of Calgary, NAIT, Grant MacEwan College, ESD-Simulation Training Inc., Electrical Forum Training Institute and Athabasca University.

Our featured provider at introduction is RedVector.com, the global leader in online education for professionals in the engineering, architectural, interior design, construction, land surveying, building inspection and landscape architecture industries.

Also included in our launch is an incentive program for checking out the PEGGasus site and for actually registering in opportunities delivered by our providers. And you’re not too late to participate. The program runs until Jan. 31. Visit the PEGGasus website for details.

We’re still in discussion with quite a number of other potential providers to add considerably more professional development opportunities to PEGGasus. So check back regularly or use the search agent service within PEGGasus to stay on top of opportunities that fit with your interests and requirements.

If you don’t see your favourite providers represented on the system, don’t hesitate to let them know that you subscribe to PEGGasus services and want to see them list their courses, seminars and events there. Tell them to contact us. And if you do see providers represented on the system, let them know you appreciate them using this new and innovative marketing concept.

We have found the technical societies a challenge to contact and enrol in PEGGasus. E-mail addresses, contacts and mailing lists for this group change continuously. If you are responsible for your society’s events or educational activities, and want to use PEGGasus as a convenient and economical means of reaching the engineering and geosciences communities, please give me a call. We can set you up to easily add your events to PEGGasus.

We’ve built the site and are already starting work on enhancements and increasing the size of the database. Now it’s up to you, the membership, to take advantage of its services.

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