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Congratulations to the following winners


APEGGA presents 12 awards of $2,000 to students entering the faculties of engineering or the departments of geology or geophysics at the University of Alberta, the University of Calgary, or colleges and technical institutes in Alberta offering transfer programs.

Attending the University of Alberta

Nathaniel Aytenfisu
Ecole J.H. Picard
Sean Dunn
Ecole Secondaire Notre Dame High School
Red Deer
Nicholas Glass
Assumption Junior/Senior High School
Cold Lake
Kerri Hennig
Ross Sheppard High School
Marion Kilgour
Memorial Composite High School
Stony Plain
Stephanie Kos
Louis St. Laurent Catholic High School
Dale Krall
Catholic Central High School Lethbridge
Doris Li
Harry Ainlay High School Edmonton
Jaron Van Dijken
Barrhead Composite High School
Howard Yue
Old Scona Academic High School

Attending the University of Calgary

Craig Frenette
St. Francis Senior High School

Stephanie Ma
Lord Beaverbrook High School


The APEGGA Education Foundation annually offers two scholarships, valued at $2,000 each, to professional members of APEGGA undertaking a graduate program in engineering, geology or geophysics at the University of Alberta or the University of Calgary. This award is named in honour of the late R.M. Hardy, dean of the faculty of engineering at the University of Alberta.

Julie Aitken, P.Geoph., is pursuing a master of science degree in geophysics at the University of Calgary. Ms. Aitken is researching ground penetrating radar (GPR) for use in archaeological applications.
Tyrone Chou, P.Eng., is pursuing a master of science degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Calgary. Mr. Chou’s research focuses on providing tools and diagnostic procedures to better understand the relationship between joint health status, dynamic joint function and treatment approaches.


The Millennium Scholarship, valued at $2,000, is intended to assist the children of APEGGA members to pursue post-secondary education.

Stephen Annand, Electrical Engineering and Honours Business Administration, University of Western Ontario

Priscilla Che, Bachelor of Science Honours (Biomedical Computing), Queen’s University
Lisa Korus, Doctor of Medicine, University of Alberta Justine Moe, Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry), University of Alberta
Namratha Rajagopal, Bachelor of Applied Science (Electrical Engineering), University of Waterloo Priscilla Wong, Bachelor of Health Science Honours (Bioinformatics), University of Calgary


The APEGGA Education Scholarship is awarded to individuals who within two years will be awarded a B.Sc. and a B.Ed. Each recipient receives $2,000 per year for two years.

Jason Arnot is attending the University of Calgary, pursuing a bachelor of education degree specializing in secondary science. Mr. Arnot currently has his bachelor of science in mechanical engineering.
Carlos Plata-Herron is attending the University of Calgary pursuing a bachelor of education degree. He currently has a bachelor of science degree in industrial engineering.


Awarded to students completing an engineering, geological or geophysical technology program and who are continuing their studies in engineering, geology or geophysics at the University of Alberta or the University of Calgary. The scholarships, valued at $2,000, are awarded on the basis of academic achievement.

Andrew Allard, Edmonton
APEGGA Medicine Hat College
Transfer Scholarship

Riley Gibney, Edmonton
APEGGA Grant MacEwan College
Transfer Scholarship

David Hebert, Grande Prairie
APEGGA Grande Prairie Regional College
Transfer Scholarship

Gabriel St-Martin, Red Deer
APEGGA Red Deer College Transfer Scholarship

Kerry Zukowski, Calgary
APEGGA Mount Royal
Transfer Scholarship


Six scholarships are awarded for undergraduate excellence in engineering or geoscience studies.

Attending the University of Alberta ($3,000 each)

The APEGGA H.R. Webb Memorial Scholarship
Joseph Senez, Sherwood Park

APEGGA John A. Allan Memorial Scholarship in Geology
Leanne Colborne, Calgary

APEGGA Scholarship in Geophysics
Matthew Cannon, Edmonton

Attending the University of Calgary ($2,000 each)

APEGGA Alexander Clayton Milroy Scholarship in Engineering
Adrienn Szivos, Calgary

APEGGA Scholarship in Geology
Kyle Rebryna, Penhold

APEGGA Roy O. Lindseth Scholarship in Geophysics
Sarah Johnson, Calgary


Presented to graduating students from the University of Alberta and University of Calgary obtaining the highest average in geology, geophysics and each engineering program accredited by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board.

Graduating from the University of Alberta

Tera Hennessey, St. Albert,
Chemical Engineering

Katherine Huggons, Edmonton,
Civil Engineering

Celia Leung, Edmonton,
Computer Engineering

Ofer Shai, Chomedey Laval, Que.,
Computer Engineering

Vincent Sieben, Edmonton,
Electrical Engineering

Matthew Yarmuch, Edmonton,
Materials Engineering

Simon Jones, Sherwood Park,
Mechanical Engineering

Alanna Wall, Ottawa,
Mechanical Engineering

Sarah Leal, Canmore,
Mining Engineering

Lukas Richards, Calgary,
Petroleum Engineering

Rahim Janmohamed, Edmonton,
Engineering Physics

Lindsay LeBlanc, Edmonton,
Engineering Physics

Kevin Hayley, Peachland, B.C.,

Lynn Reich, Edmonton,

Graduating from the University of Calgary

Lauren Baumgartner, Estevan, Sask.,
Civil Engineering

Raymond Lau, Calgary,
Electrical Engineering

Jamie Batuwantudawe, Calgary,
Software Engineering

Karanvir Sandhu, Calgary,
Oil and Gas Engineering

Maricar Castillo, Calgary,
Chemical Engineering

Douglas Wilkins, Calgary,
Mechanical Engineering

Rita Cheng, Calgary,
Geomatics Engineering

Andrew Zakaluzny, Calgary,
Computer Engineering

Carmen Janzen, Calgary,
Manufacturing Engineering

Burdine Chmilar, Calgary,

Brook Berard, Calgary,

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