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From Hockey Games To Hairy Faces


University of Alberta
Student Contributor

Editor’s Note: Kimberly Ferguson is a third/fourth year geology student at the University of Alberta. She’s on the executive of the program’s undergraduate group, the P.S. Warren Geological Society.

This is Ms. Ferguson’s first student contribution, as The PEGG begins coverage of geoscience student activities at U of A and, on Page 17, at the University of Calgary.

Since this is my first article for The PEGG, we’ll start with the basics that run all year round.

ATLAS Friday Seminar Series
The ATLAS Friday Seminar Series features talks given by various people in the Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Department. Usually graduate students, but occasionally professors or guest speakers, give an hour-long presentation on their thesis or current project. The talks are held every Friday at 3 p.m.

Hockey Update
P.S. Warren Geological Society has both a men and a women’s team in intramural hockey this semester. To date the men’s Dirty Ores are on a hot streak, having won all three of their games in the fall semester.

The women’s team isn’t doing as well. It’s won just one of three games.

The range of skill level for both teams is incredible, from players who’ve just learned to skate to those with 10 or more years of hockey experience.

Completed Intramurals
Wallyball – Geology had two teams entered, one of which took first place in its division!

Women’s Volleyball – The women’s team gave it a good try but was knocked out in the semi-finals.

Women’s Inner Tube Water-Polo – Geology’s team won its division in the playoffs, short handed!

Now that we’ve got the year-round stuff covered, let’s get on to the more individual activities.

Bearded Up

Here’s what participants in the P.S. Warren Geological Society Beard Month looked like on Nov. 27.
Back row (from left), Dr. Bob Luth, Walter Loogman, Jeremy Hrynkiw, Trevor Munn and Dr. Chris Herd; middle row, Jon Dola, Kevin Piepgrass, Bruce Brownlee, Scott McCracken and Jason French; front, Jeff Fischer, Paul Siganick, Chris Doornbos, Shawn Walker and Isaac Walker.

Beard Month

So what do men like to do in the winter? Apparently grow facial hair! Or at least that’s what quite a few undergraduate students, graduate students and professors thought was a good idea.

Anyone who wanted to participate in the P.S. Warren Geological Society Beard Month showed up clean shaven for a “before” picture on Nov. 3, and then posed for the “after” picture on Nov. 27.

Western Inter-University
Geological Conference

This is just what it sounds like, a geology conference held in Western Canada. This year the WIUGC is being held in Vancouver from Jan. 8 to 11. Presentations will be made on Jan. 9 and 10, with other activities to help the students from different schools get to know each other. Undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to give talks or do posters.

Trad Cup
Now, you are probably asking yourself, what’s the Trad Cup? Well, it’s a large painted keg which was the original prize in a hockey game held between P.S. Warren Geological Society of the U of A and the society’s U of C counterpart, the Rundle Group.

This year’s Trad Cup game is scheduled for January (date to be announced) and Edmonton will be hosting because we won last year. If Calgary wants the cup, they’ll have to come and get it. Trad Cup hockey is always entertaining. This promises to be a good game and a fun weekend.

Hawaii, Here they Come
The Igneous Petrology and Volcanism Field Experience Trip heads to Hawaii to look at rocks. This is not being done through the geology program at the U of A, but rather it is organized by students in geology.

Dr. Bob Luth, an igneous petrologist at the U of A, will be guiding this group of students around the igneous sights on Hawaii’s Big Island during reading week, Feb. 14 to 21.


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