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Editor’s Note: Afshan Kaba is a fourth-year geophysics student at the University of Calgary, who plans to graduate in May 2005. She’s been on the executive of the Geophysics Undergrad Student Society for the last two years, and this year is vice-president, finance. This marks Ms. Kaba’s first student contribution, as The PEGG begins coverage of geoscience student activities at U of C and, on Page 18, at the University of Alberta.

They say charity begins at home, and it sure did here at the University of Calgary. A save-our-library fundraiser party, Rock for the Gallagher, was held Oct.18 at the Den, which is the local campus bar/restaurant.

Gallagher Goes On

A student makes use of a campus treasure trove, the Gallagher Library of Geology and Geophysics. In October geoscience students and others took in the most successful cabaret of the year so far, to keep the library in operation.

The evening featured two professors from the department performing a duet, Mama Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Geologists. Geology and geophysics students, faculty and staff all attended, as well as some of the librarians.

Students from the geography and engineering departments also came to show support. Guests also included representatives of the Calgary Board of Education.
This was the Den’s most successful cabaret of the school year, so far. U of C President Dr. Harvey Weingarten asked students to show their support for the library.

And they did. More than $4,000 was raised, all of which will go towards keeping the Gallagher Library of Geology and Geophysics open. The money will be put into an initiative trust fund, set up by the department.

The initial threat of the library closing down occurred in the summer. This is when it clicked in with the students how much we actually value the good ol’ Gallagher. These funds will provide enough funding to keep it open for at least this school year.

However, next year the library may face the same threat. Officials at the U of C proposed to shut down the library and use it for com-media purposes, or perhaps to open a micro-computer store.

They obviously did not realize what a great asset this library is to all students. Since we are a relatively small department on campus, it is nice to have something that we can call our own.

We hope that with continued fundraising our library will not face the threat of permanent closure. The executives of the geology and geophysics student societies would like to thank the industry and everyone else who helped make this event successful.

Christmas Party News
The Geology and Geophysics annual Christmas party was fast approaching, at the time of The PEGG deadline. Held Dec. 5, this is one of the biggest events that our department has during the year. Students, faculty, and staff all joined in the celebrations, which took place at the Scandinavian community centre.
Keep an eye out for details and pictures of the Christmas party in next month’s issue.

Geological Conference Approaches
The Western Inter-University Geological Conference will be held on the weekend of Jan. 10. This year it will be held at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.
The main purpose of this annual conference is to increase student knowledge in various geoscience disciplines. Universities involved are from B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Keep an eye out for a report in February’s edition.
I sincerely hope you enjoy this new monthly article; any feedback, questions, comments and suggestions will always be greatly appreciated. Please e-mail me at arkaba@ucalgary.ca.

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