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Peter Stevens, P.Eng., makes a new friend of Levi, during a visit to Charleston, S.C.


Volunteering and Appreciating

Peter Stevens, P.Eng., began volunteering to find out more about the organization that ‘took’ his dues, each year. Now, he makes an invaluable contribution to the branch and APEGGA’s regulatory work, as well as to the future of the professions, through classroom presentations.

Public Relations Coordinator

Peter Stevens, P.Eng., has been a member of APEGGA since 1980. He received his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Carlton University in Ottawa, and did post-graduate studies at the University of Calgary and University of Alberta.

His work experience includes hydrology, river engineering, water resource planning and management, both with the provincial government and as a consultant. Right now, Peter is an Alberta Environment hydrologist.

The current chair of the APEGGA Central Alberta Branch, Peter has been a member of the branch executive there since 1999. He also sits on the Enforcement Review Committee. In addition to his committee work, Peter puts on Outreach classroom presentations and organizes technical presentations.

Why do you volunteer with APEGGA?
Initially, my primary reason for volunteering with APEGGA was to learn more about the organization that took my annual dues. I have since come to appreciate the important efforts on many fronts made by the APEGGA organization for its members, and the countless and selfless volunteer hours put in by APEGGA members.

What value do you get from being an APEGGA volunteer?
Satisfaction of knowing that my efforts, as small as they may be, are contributing positively to society, meeting and working with terrific people, and having fun in the process.

What are your other hobbies and interests?
Squash, tennis, curling, volleyball, hiking, watercolour painting.

Have you received an award or special recognition that is important to you?
Each time a person smiles because of some activity I had a part in forming is great reward. Nominated by my peers at the Red Deer Tennis Club, I was recently bestowed a volunteer certificate of merit from the City of Red Deer.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
The Maritimes – the last area of this great country of ours that I have not yet set foot in. Then Patagonia, for the incredible vistas and hiking experience.

What do you think the next hot subject will be in engineering?
Water issues are increasingly in the realm of public awareness. As demands for water approach and exceed total supply, conflicts will arise and changes will be needed to optimize the use of every available drop. How can you reduce water usage in your industry and at home? Are there opportunities to use the same water for multiple purposes? Can water quality be improved and water supply be increased? Society will be relying on APEGGA members of many disciplines to help provide these solutions.

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