Terri-Jane Yuzda

New Section Launched

APEGGA has long recognized the importance of lifelong learning through the Continuing Professional Development Program. Now, The PEGG has launched a new section to help make the search for PD opportunities simpler and more productive.

“ We’re here to help members fulfill their professional obligations, and one of those obligations is to keep one’s knowledge and skills up-to-date in an increasingly complex and technological world,” said Nancy Toth, APEGGA’s professional development manager. “This new section is the complete package – paid advertising from private professional development providers, APEGGA-sponsored events, and listings of coming events of a professional development nature, all on consecutive PEGG pages, each month.”

Stories about professional development and PEGGasus, a new online PD marketplace, will also appear in the section from time to time.

In the past, The PEGG published several calendars of events in the back of the paper. From now on, courses, and seminars from technical societies, universities and other providers will fall under a single calendar, called Professional Development Opportunities. A subsection will cover APEGGA events, such as branch and district luncheons.

An even more extensive selection of professional development events appears online. Visit the APEGGA site at www.apegga.org and the online marketplace PEGGasus at www.peggasus.ca.

It’s important to note that APEGGA does not give blanket accreditation of professional development offerings for the Continuing Professional Development Program. It’s up to individual members to calculate their CPD points according to what pertains to their specific careers, as well as maintain their personal records.

If you have questions about how CPD works, call Cathy Ladouceur, CPD coordinator, at (780) 426-3220 or 1-800-661-7020.

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