Terri-Jane Yuzda

Party Sells Out

Jan. 12 marked the first school day of the year here at U of C. During the Christmas break there weren’t many social events happening, of course, but before the final exam period began, in mid-December, the Geology and Geophysics Department held its annual Christmas party.

Over 200 people attended the sold-out event. As it is every year, the party was held at the Scandinavian Centre.

The evening included a turkey dinner, as well as entertainment provided by students and staff. Students got together and preformed skits and sang songs, and some staff members also belched out some tunes – showing that they do have talents beyond being geo-gods!

There were also gag gifts given out to some students and staff. Christmas party tradition is that every year the same prof, namely Dr. Gerald Osborn, P.Geol., dresses up as Santa Claus and rounds up some co-operating students to be his elves – sleigh and reindeer included!

The evening ended with a dance, and festivities didn’t wind up until after 2 a.m.


U of C geo students, staff enjoy their Christmas bash.

The 40th annual Western Inter-University Geological Conference was held on the weekend of Jan. 10. The University of British Columbia in Vancouver hosted this year’s conference. Universities from B.C. to Manitoba participate in the conference every year. About 50 geoscience students from the U of C attended. The students from Calgary gave many talks at the conference and made some poster presentations as well.

All students were given talks on topics such as gold, silver, and copper mimes in B.C., as well as the new and exciting emerald discoveries in the Yukon.

There were also many social events at the conference, such as a welcome party and a boat race. Four U of C students took part in a polar bear swim in the Pacific.
Everyone participated in the beautiful Stanley Park tour, and most indulged themselves in an abundance of fresh, all-you-can eat sushi.

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