Week Celebrates Work Of Engineers, Geoscientists

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What does the future hold? When it comes to engineering, geology and geophysics, the sky truly is the limit. From collecting new data about the composition of the Earth, to discovering the outer reaches of space, the opportunities seem endless.

As we look towards the future, it is exciting to imagine how many new developments will be brought to us by engineers and geoscientists.

National Engineering and Geoscience Week, running Feb. 27-March 6, is an annual event designed to increase public awareness about the important role that engineers, geologists and geophysicists play in the everyday lives of Canadians. And this year’s theme, Visions of Things to Come, reminds us more from these talented professionals lies ahead.

Across the province, APEGGA is sponsoring events and activities to showcase the impressive work engineers and geoscientists do each day.

For the ninth consecutive year, APEGGA is publishing a newspaper supplement during National Engineering and Geoscience Week. This feature – Feb. 26 in the Edmonton Journal and Feb. 27 in the Calgary Herald – recognizes the pivotal role engineers, geologists and geophysicists play in enhancing our economic and social well-being while fulfilling the vision of things to come.

National Engineering and Geoscience Week officially kicks off on Feb. 27 with mayoral proclamations read in communities throughout Alberta. Displays, corporate challenges and other activities will also take place at city and town halls from 11 a.m.–2 p.m. to celebrate the start of NEGW.

During NEGW, APEGGA sponsors the Provincial School Challenge, which gives students across Alberta a chance to use the principles of physics, and structural and materials engineering. This year students in Grades 1-12 are challenged to design a bridge made of craft sticks (popularly known as a Popsicle stick bridge) that can hold the most weight. Winning teams will receive a cash prizes for their schools.

Students will also experiment, create and race against each other and the clock to win gold in this year’s Science Olympics, being held in several Alberta communities. These games will not concentrate on physical strength and stamina, but rather on problem-solving skills and cooperative group work as teams compete against those from other schools.

APEGGA sponsors the Science Olympics to promote excellence and innovation in science learning for elementary, junior and senior high school students. Pre-registered student teams discover first-hand the connection between classroom concepts and their practical, everyday applications.

A series of pre-planned and mystery events are designed to test students’ knowledge of scientific processes, challenge their skills, and spur them on to practical and unconventional solutions to unique problems.

The Calgary Science Olympics will take place Feb. 28 in the Big 4 Building at Stampede Park. Edmonton will host its own Science Olympics on March 6 at the Shaw Conference Centre. Science Olympics will also be held in Grande Prairie on March 13 and in Fort McMurray on March 20.

Other events taking place around Alberta include classroom visits by professionals and mall science exhibits.


What else is happening in Alberta during National Engineering and Geoscience Week? Visit APEGGA’s website at www.apegga.org/NEGW Or contact

Tara Madden in Edmonton at (780) 426-3990 or 1-800-661-7020
Heather Frantz in Calgary at (403) 262-7714.

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