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Robbie Burns Day was marked on Jan. 24 – a time to honour the Scottish culture much as St. Patrick’s Day honours the Irish. In particular, the day honours a Scottish poet Robbie Burns.
Despite -25 C weather and blowing snow, over 100 students and staff from the Geology and Geophysics Department turned out for the event.

Ironically, it was held at the Irish Cultural Centre.

Pie On Ya
Geo students at U of C have joined the pieing game, helping raise money for charity while targeting staff and students.

A geology professor, Dr. David Pattison, P.Geol., led the event with a piper and live Scottish band. Scottish dances were taught to all and everyone had a great time.

Mark Danyluk, president of the Geophysics Undergraduate Student Society, read the famous Ode to the Haggis. Dr. Rob Stewart, P.Geoph., entertained the crowed by singing a song in Gaelic.

The cutting of the haggis took place as well. What is a haggis, you may ask? It’s essentially entrails and barley stuffed into a sheep’s stomach!

Surprisingly enough, almost everyone at the event worked up the courage to try it. Sampling several different types of scotch was also part of the evening.

Pieing Week
For the past few decades engineering students have had their annual pieing week. This year it was held from Feb. 11 to 13, and geo students decided to get involved as well.

Over the three days, students and professors pay money to have a pie sent to someone in the department. The person getting pied then has four choices: 1, take the pie in the face; 2, pay $5 to redirect the pie to someone else; 3, for an extra $10 buy the pie and eat it; or 4, make a donation and choose not to participate.

The first choice is usually the most encouraged one!

This is a fun and exciting way to raise money for charity. One of the chosen charities is Calgary Urban Projects, which helps to provide food, shelter, education, and many other services to the less fortunate in the city of Calgary.
The other charity is Engineers Without Borders. EWB is sending two students to the Philippines this summer to establish ICT centres, which will help educate underprivileged children.

All in all, our first annual geo pieing was a big success. Students and staff alike ended up taking a pie to the face. We hope to make this a new tradition in our department.

Watch the next edition of The PEGG for the exact amount of money raised.

Other News
An “anti-Valentines Day” Attitude Adjustment was held Feb. 13. It was basically a party with pizza and beer! It was great fun as the Attitude Adjustments usually are.

APEGGA also held a Practicing the Professions seminar on Feb. 11. It was basically an overview of what qualifications you will need to be a professional in Alberta. Friendly people put on an informative presentation and answered any questions. Plenty of pizza and pop was on hand, too.

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