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CCPE Engineering Survey Seeks National Participation

National Dialogue
CCPE Chief Executive Officer Marie Lemay, P.Eng., discusses the issues with two APEGGA past presidents - Darrel Danyluk, P.Eng., (1999) and Dan Moytka, P.Eng., 1998. The conversation took place April 27 during a break in the APEGGA Annual General Meeting.

The Canadian Council of Professional Engineers has embarked upon the first full survey of Canada's engineering profession since 1997. The CCPE is asking most active members of Canada's 12 engineering licensing associations/ordre to participate in the survey, including geoscientists and members-in-training. Officially launched in March, the survey is gathering data on demographics, employment and career paths to aid in planning and trends analysis.

A major Canadian public opinion research firm, EKOS Research Associations Ltd., is conducting the survey on behalf of the CCPE and Human Resources Development Canada. Members can choose to complete the survey on-line if they wish. If the majority of respondents participate on-line, costs and time will be cut significantly, says the CCPE. The Council is encouraging on-line submissions by making those who do participate electronically eligible for a list of prizes, including MP3 players, personal organizers, and gift certificates for books and music.

A paper format of the survey is, however, also available, the CCPE emphasizes. A simple way to reach the survey is through the APEGGA website, www.apegga.org. Scroll down the home page to the item on the national survey, and click on the link, www.ekos.com/ccpe.html.

The survey is an important one to take part in, says Chief Executive Officer Marie Lemay, P.Eng. "By collecting accurate, current data and combining it with what we've learned from our recent Engineering Work in Canada studies and the National Survey of the Engineering Profession in 1997, we will be able to appreciate the challenges that lie ahead of us and plan for the future," she says. "A small amount of your time will have a big impact on Canada's engineering future."

For further information, call 1-800-307-0947 in B.C. or Alberta. Other phone numbers for other Canadian locations appear on the CCPE website, www.ccpe.ca.


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