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June, 1999
Page 5 Improved Guideline For Members-in-Training


APEGGA has released a draft of an improved guideline — Professional Development: A Guideline for M.I.Ts et al. The draft guideline is now available for review and comment on the APEGGA website (www.apegga.org) under What’s New.

The new draft guideline builds upon a document produced in 1993 when APEGGA issued its first Experience Guideline for Members in Training (M.I.T.s). That guideline, which details the criteria for registration, has been central to M.I.T.s’ understanding of the Board of Examiner’s expectations.

Revisions included in the updated guideline deal with:

  • Criteria (where appropriate);
  • "Format (to align its appearance with the Continuing Professional Development Guideline for Professional Members).

Additional sections have been added which provide :

  • Forms (to improve consistency in the presentation of material);
  • Samples (to assist the M.I.T. in determining what should be covered on the forms. Actual samples are being prepared but aren’t yet in the guideline.)

APEGGA would appreciate your comments by the end of July (please forward attention Director, Professional Development Len Shrimpton, P.Eng., at APEGGA’s Edmonton office or e-mail lshrimpton.@apegga.org ) A copy of the new guideline will be mailed to all M.I.T.s in September.


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