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June, 1999
Page 10 APEGGA Members Have Graduates in the Family


Recent issues of The PEGG have requested that members who have children or grandchildren who have graduated in the last year from an engineering or earth science programs forward the names for publication. Printed below are those who have responded. Congratulations to the graduates and their families.

  • James R. Jackson, son of Donald L. Jackson P.Eng., received his B.Sc. in chemical engineering from the University of Calgary this spring.
  • Jennifer M. Dembicki, daughter of Dennis Dembicki, P.Eng., graduated this spring from the University of Alberta, with a B. Sc. in chemical engineering.
  • Lloyd Willis, P.Eng., who graduated from the University of Alberta in 1942 and whose son Terry Willis, P.Eng., graduated from the U of Calgary in 1972, reports that his grandson, Sean Willis, graduated this spring from the U of A, making him the third generation to receive a civil engineering degree from an Alberta university.
  • Robert S. Leitch, P.Eng., reports his son Gregory Leitch graduated in mechanical engineering from the University of Alberta in December.
  • Jason David Smith graduated in April with a chemical engineering degree from the U of A. He is the son of John David Smith, P.Eng.
  • Allison J. Wolfe, daughter of Larry W. Wolfe, P.Eng., completed her B.Sc. in geological/ environmental engineering at Queen's University this spring.
  • Bryan Douglas Normandin, son of Douglas G. Normandin, P.Eng., graduated in April from the University of Waterloo Engineering Honours Co-op program with a degree of B.A.Sc. in chemical engineering.
  • Ryan Steven Bazant, son of Phil S. Bazant, P.Eng., graduated from the University of Calgary in civil engineering in April.
  • Hanna C. Kruger, daughter of Douglas A. Kruger, P.Eng., graduated from Queen’s University, Kingston, ON in chemical engineering (B.Sc.) (Applied Sciences) in May.
  • Stephen Shawn Irvine, P.Eng., son of Earle B. Irvine, P.Eng., received his master's degree in electrical engineering (internetworking) from DalTech in Halifax, N.S., in May.
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