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June, 1999
Page 19 Voluntary Service Awards

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The APEGGA members listed below have been recognized recently with Voluntary Service Awards. Presentations have been made at various branch events. Members other than Councillors and recipients of APEGGA's L.C. Charlesworth Award are eligible for the Voluntary Service Award. The certificates presented represent six years of dedicated voluntary service to the affairs of the Association.


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Allister Barteski, P.Eng.
Mark Bellamy, P.Eng.
Vic Benz, P.Eng.
Mark Brotherton, P.Eng.
John Bulmer, P.Eng.
Anast Demitt, P.Eng.
Emad El-Zein, P.Eng.
Dave Geake, P.Eng.
Steve Giacomin, P.Eng.
Brent Graham, P.Eng.
Darcie Greggs, P.Geol.

Don Heuchert, P.Eng.
Barbara Howes, P.Eng.
John John, P.Eng.
Kris Kumar, P.Eng.
Leon Mah, P.Eng.
Archie Pick, P.Eng.
Ross Pugh, P.Eng.
Dave Rumbold, P.Eng.
Ron Tenove, P.Eng.
Doug Thomson, P.Geoph.
JoAnne Volk, P.Eng. P.Eng.


Two former chairs of the Fort McMurray Branch received Voluntary Service Awards, from, Swami Swaminathan, P.Eng., immediate past chair of the branch (right in both photos). Photo left shows Kris Kumar, P.Eng., and photo right shows Allister Barteski, P.Eng.

Barbara Howes, P.Eng., received the Voluntary Service Award from then APEGGA President (now Past President) Dan Motyka, P.Eng., at the Calgary Branch Luncheon on April.

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