What is the CSSE?
A Chance for Senior Engineers to Share Their Wealth of Experience


The Canadian Society for Senior Engineers, formerly the Life Members Organization of the Engineering Institute of Canada, is new in name but not in mission. The objectives of the society are to:

  • Assist in the broad field of engineering education for youth preparing to enter university in engineering
  • Assist by financial support of student projects in the field of engineering
  • Encourage and facilitate communications between members of the engineering fraternity who want to keep in touch with their contemporaries by holding meetings, luncheons, and other functions, as well as through E-mail and regular mail
  • Publish a newsletter twice each year to keep the membership informed of the activities of the Society.

Membership in the Engineering Institute of Canada is defined in terms of society membership. EIC now has nine member societies, and the newest is the Canadian Society of Senior Engineers. CSSE is a full member of the EIC Council and, as such, shares the responsibility of promoting the functions of the EIC.

Membership in the CSSE used to be tied to past membership in a member society of EIC. This limitation has been removed.

Currently, an engineer who has practiced in Canada and who has extensive employment experience is eligible to become a member of the CSSE. In light of the objectives of the CSSE, there is much to be gained by encouraging persons who have experience in the field of engineering, regardless of their membership in technical organizations, to become involved in activities of the society.



Membership Application Forms
CSSE President Nelson Ferguson, P.Eng.

There is no annual fee for membership in CSSE, but members are requested to make a donation; a receipt will be issued for income tax purposes. These member donations are the source of funding for student projects.

The society actively supports the promotion of engineering at the youth level. Supported activities include youth science fairs, the EIC Speakers Program at Dalhousie University, cash awards for students at the National Science Fair, and financial support towards the purchase of a cosmic ray detection system for high school students, to name just a few. The society has also arranged for senior engineers to speak to students on topics relevant to the engineering curriculum.
It is to the great benefit of engineering education that CSSE members take an ever-increasing role in bringing the promotion and understanding of the engineering profession to Canada’s youth.

Another extremely important role for CSSE is to assist EIC in its sustaining members campaign. The current membership of CSSE includes many engineers who have distinguished themselves in the profession and who have many contacts within the engineering community.

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