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Editor’s Note: Following is the annual report of the APEGGA Education Foundation.


Education Foundation Columnist

The 2003-2004 board was able to move forward and achieve goals the Education Foundation was created for, thanks to a super base inherited from its predecessors.

The high point of the year was the founding of the two APEGGA Alberta Centennial Scholarships, to begin in 2005 in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Province of Alberta. The scholarships, worth $5,000 each, will be payable to a student from Northern Alberta and another from Southern Alberta, each of whom will be entering a university in Alberta to pursue studies in geophysics, geology or engineering.

Transfer scholarships were increased to $3,000 each from $2,000. The foundation awards 12 of them a year, payable to students from the University of Lethbridge or the regional colleges for their transfer to the U of A or the U of C to continue studies in the three professions.

The foundation decided to underwrite any shortfall in the APEGGA-endowed scholarships at the University of Calgary, where the endowment funds were insufficient to match the level possible at the University of Alberta. This funding is necessary because of the difference in dates when funds were placed with each institution; the U of A had many more years to build the funds.

Because of this undertaking, the foundation may now direct each university to increase the level of the awards given to successful students.

The foundation created the position of board secretary, to assist APEGGA staff in providing continuity of records. Dr. Ron Lawson, P. Eng., has accepted this position.

Two standing committees were formed early in 2003 for the purpose of visiting frequently with appropriate department leaders at the U of C and U of A. The focus of the visits is to determine how the Education Foundation may best serve the needs of the departments, and to assist the foundation in directing its efforts to such educational ventures as will help the largest number of students in the most useful manner.

The members of these committees are Dr. Ron Lawson, P.Eng., Philip Shum and Connie Parenteau, P.Eng. (Edmonton); and Alice Payne, P.Geol., Gerry DeSorcy, P.Eng., and David Devenny, P.Eng., P.Geol. (Calgary). The information and insight gained from earlier visits require that we continue this valuable process.

In 2004 the foundation will be filling positions on the Education Foundation Finance Committee. It’s purpose will be to direct the husbanding and nurturing of the funds we’ve been entrusted with, so they’ll grow and the initiatives now undertaken may be continued.

A second committee to be filled will be based on work initiated during the presidency of Ashok Sehgal, P.Eng., titled A Framework for Fundraising. This committee will pursue plans laid in 2000 in order that the foundation may continually increase the value and extent of the work undertaken. The board will be looking within APEGGA to fill these positions.

The Foundation is most grateful to former president Dennis Brooks, P.Eng., P.Geoph., for his tireless attendance at board meetings and his work as foundation correspondent to The PEGG. His regular column and the posting on the APEGGA website keep the APEGGA membership fully apprised of the work of the foundation.

The foundation and its board also thank APEGGA and its staff for their continued support and assistance. Although the foundation is regarded as a separate body, the help, office space and time provided by APEGGA allows it to continue to direct all of its efforts and resources to education.

The ongoing support from APEGGA members who contribute directly or through their annual dues notice makes it possible for the foundation to expand its efforts. On behalf of those students who have received a boost in their educational pursuits, the foundation and board offer a huge thank you.


The APEGGA Education Foundation
Statement of Operations and Net Assets
Year ending December 31st, 2003

REVENUES 2003 2002 2003 2002
APEGGA $ 58,750. $ 70,050.

Summit Awards $ 33,600. $ 21,100.


Voluntary $ 59,907. $ 69,161.

Interest $ 12,673. $ 10,648.

$ 2,625.
$  2,625
Total $164,930. $170,959. $ 2,625. $  2,625
Grants and Scholarships        
Universities and Colleges $ 52,000. $ 56,000. $  4,000. $  1,500.
Meetings $     319. $  2,048.    
Office $     162. $  3,107.    
Professional Fees $   1,386. $  1,017.    
Marketing   $  3,130.    
Total $ 53,867. $ 65,302. $  4,000. $  1,500.
Excess Revenue over Expenditure $111,063. $105,657. -$1,375. $  1,125.
Assets BEGINNING of YEAR $363,421. $257,764 $ 53,270. $ 52,145.
Assets END of YEAR 2003 $474,484. $363,421. $ 51,895. $ 53,270.


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