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APEGGA Names 14 Teacher Awards Winners

Teaching at the Top
Ray Boven, P.Eng., presents a certificate to recipient Randy Roth of Forestburg School.

Senior Outreach Coordinator

APEGGA is pleased to announce 14 recipients in the 2004 Teacher Awards Who Makes School Cool program. This year’s winners are elementary, junior high, and senior high science and math teachers who are respected, admired and appreciated by students, colleagues, parents and many others within their school communities.

They are teachers who change attitudes and understanding, not only in science and math, but also in education in general. They make learning easier, and more fun and more relevant than it would be without them.

These teachers don’t just teach subjects, they teach life skills. They are role models for students and colleagues. They are friends and mentors. They set high standards for their own professionalism and ethics.

They are leaders who help and inspire colleagues. They challenge students to do their best – always. The list of attributes is even longer from this year’s list of nominators. If these teachers sound like they come from the highest echelon of their craft, then you’re on-side with the judges of the APEGGA Teacher Awards program.

Throughout June, APEGGA members had the pleasure and honour to visit schools and present awards to often surprised recipients, who received proud cheers, applause and standing ovations. Each teacher award recipient was presented with a certificate and a $1,000 donation to the school to improve teaching and student learning in science and math. APEGGA also hosts events to honour each award recipient.

More than 800 Alberta students, parents and school colleagues nominated 142 math and science teachers for the 2004 Teacher Awards program. APEGGA President Linda Van Gastel, P.Eng., has sent a letter to all nominees and a certificate of nomination. The correspondence APEGGA received supporting each nomination has been sent to the teachers so they know the high regard and value they have within their school community.

APEGGA congratulates the following recipients in the 2004 Teacher Awards Who Makes School Cool program and shares a few quotes from their nominators.


Northern Alberta

Westwood Community High School, Fort McMurray

Her teaching has made me addicted to chemistry. She personifies all the qualities of an excellent teacher: hard work, persistence, diligence, patience, creativity and passion.

Central Peace High School, Spirit River

Her love of science comes through time and time again. She is a crackerjack science teacher who consistently invests extra time and energy in promoting science.

Notre Dame School, Leduc

Mrs. Doherty teaches math really well because she really loves it. We always do wonderful experiments that make me interested to the top of my brain.

Ecole Dr. Bernard Brosseau School, Bonnyville

Students in Mr. D’s class don’t just hear about science and math, they live it and experience it to the fullest. He is a teacher whose heart lies in the classroom.

Dewberry School, Dewberry

Math is my favourite. It’s because Miss McMann makes it so I don’t get confused and I have fun. She teaches her students to challenge themselves in school and in life.

Harry Ainlay School, Edmonton

Through his encouragement, humour and unique style, he has driven me and many students to succeed in our studies and he has fostered our desire to learn. Mr. Poon is a teacher who has surpassed excellence.

Crescent Valley School, Hinton

Mr. Schroder has a love of math. He is a mentor and guide for many teachers. He is an inspiration to us all.

Malcolm Tweddle School, Edmonton

Mrs. Whillans makes our work easy, fun and cool. When I grow up I want to be a math and science teacher just like her.

Southern Alberta

Father Scollen School, Calgary

Mr. Diduck is one of the most inspiring and admirable science teachers of all time. Mr. Diduck makes school a place where I want to be. He is a teacher I will never forget.

Ross Glen School, Medicine Hat

His imagination and adventurous spirit have truly been a catalyst for others. I wish I could be his student every year.

Sunnyside Community School, Calgary

Mrs. Mac has taught me that math is in everything. She has demonstrated an incredible passion for math that is contagious for students and adults. She is truly brilliant and gifted in her chosen career.

Forestburg School, Forestburg

His classroom is a constant blur of activity. He has a unique way of turning what could be a very ordinary physics or math lession into a quest for knowledge. Randy makes students want to learn.

Bishop McNally High School, Calgary
His philosophy is simple: Students learn science by doing science. His lessons are filled with dynamic energy and creative ativities. Mr. Skitsko is a great inspiration and he encourages me to be all I can be.

Warner School, Warner
Mr. Zink was born to be a teacher. Mr. Zink is awesome at explaining things. Children love to go to his class. He has made a difference in my life. He is both professional and personal in everything that he does.

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