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How About More
Donation Growth?

Date   Voluntary Donations   SUMMIT
Awards Revenue
2004/ June 30   $ 24,773   $ 32,200
2003/ June 18   $ 22,210   $ 31,400
2002/ June 18   $ 17,756   $ 21,000

From time to time, I issue a record of the year’s contributions to the APEGGA Education Foundation. This is done according to availability of data, and with a view to The PEGG’s publishing deadlines.

As a result, I have difficulty making year-to-year comparisons with a corresponding date. Henceforth I’ll attempt to issue this data quarterly or at least half yearly, although this might result in giving less current numbers. So the graphic above this column shows a comparison for the current and two preceding years.

We are in line with year 2003 voluntary donations when you make some adjustment for the extra two weeks of donations in 2004.

I have some concern that we seem to have peaked here; I would have hoped to see growth over 2003. Have our successes, particularly in new and additional scholarship monies, caused our donor base to think that they don’t need to be concerned any more? Have we simply not made enough effort to expand our donor base? We count on our year after year supporters to continue and our success depends on expanding the donor base.

In a letter to foundation board members, APEGGA Education Foundation President Norman Orr, P.Eng., made these remarks:

“At the Foundation AGM it was clearly stated that the Foundation needed to undertake a larger means of raising funds to support the scholarships that we give and have committed to. By my quick calculation we have now committed, with the new Alberta Centennial Scholarship, our move to increase all Transfer, the Millennium and all other existing scholarships, our total average income from all sources. Without a new source of funds we could begin to erode our assets.”

That says it all.


Based on this statement, it is likely that the board will spend considerable time on this in the balance of the year.

One initiative under consideration follows a presentation and proposal by a major Canadian financial institution to the board to adopt an affinity credit card in the name of the foundation. The revenue benefit is that the foundation would receive from 0.15 per cent to 0.25 per cent of net retail sales of these card users (depending on class of card issued).

This could be a significant revenue stream. It would also serve to promote the APEGGA Education Foundation name in our community. Even if the board wishes to proceed, it will be necessary to get concurrence from APEGGA because its name appears in our title.

Another initiative already underway is to send a mail-out to our life members who are not invoiced annually because of grandfathering. When this was last done in 2002, there was a very generous response.

In these ways, the foundation hopes to support existing approved scholarship increases and to create new programs to help future leaders in our professions.

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