Rating Alberta Examinees

APEGGA is about to proctor a third round of Fundamentals of Engineering examinations. How are exam writers doing so far? Pick a superlative.

Discipline by Discipline
In all disciplines, University of Alberta examinees fare better than their counterparts at comparable doctoral universities.

Alberta writers are excelling in U.S. Fundamentals of Engineering examinations, no matter how you look at the statistics. And Dr. Milt Petruk, P.Eng., APEGGA Manager of Examinations, has compared the results most ways imaginable.

The first round of FE exams APEGGA proctored, in October 2003, had only one of 61 writers fail. Even then, that writer tried again and succeeded – as did all the 50 other writers who wrote in April 2004.

APEGGA’s combined pass rate for the two writings is 99.1 per cent, compared with the average pass rate of 78.9 per cent for all National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying writers. The average mark of APEGGA writers is 81.6 per cent, compared with a 57.6 per cent average attained by all NCEES writers.

Compared discipline by discipline, Alberta is also well ahead in every category. The average mark of APEGGA writers in chemical engineering, for example, is 81.7 per cent, compared with a 60.4 per cent NCEES average.

Most of the APEGGA writers so far are University of Alberta graduates, and they’re more than holding their own against graduates of comparable doctoral universities. The average FE exam mark of U of A graduates is 82.2 per cent, compared with a 58.9 per cent average for all comparable doctoral universities.

Said Dr. Petruk: “These figures are really exciting for us. And they prove a point APEGGA has been making for some time, which is that the standard for Alberta engineering training more than meets the standard tested by the U.S. Fundamentals of Engineering examinations.”

Successful completion of the FE exam is the first step towards U.S. licensure. Engineers who have passed the FE exam and have four years of work experience in engineering can write the NCEES Principles and Practice of Engineering exam. Upon successful completion of the PE exam, the engineer is allowed to use the American designation P.E. and can apply to any state board for a licence.

State boards approve applications independently and engineers must apply for a licence in each state they want to practice in.


Writing: Oct. 30
Registration Deadline: Sept. 13
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