Frost Heaves: Expensive and Dangerous

Engineers working in Central and Northern Alberta are all too aware of the problem of frost heaves and boils. The freeze and thaw cycle is a powerful force, which makes light of the achievement of road builders and engineers.

The cost of this annual problem is considerable, says Clearwater County Superintendent of Public Works Darrell Constantinoff.

“To us, frost heaves are a significant problem,” says Mr. Constantinoff, as he inspects a heave on Oras Road near Rocky Mountain House. “I’ll tell you, frost heaves are probably one of the most difficult things for us to repair.

“The repairs can be very elusive. Sometimes, there’s little you can do about it. They can really eat a lot of tax dollars.”

Add in the safety of the travelling public, and the need for a reliable solution is obvious – especially in a municipality with major energy industry traffic and over 2,000 kilometres of roads.

Frostwick is earning some serious consideration. In fact Alberta Transportation has reviewed the merits of the product and accepted its use on the provincial highway system.

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