Dr. Dave Irvine-Halliday, P.Eng... a hero comes to light.


Reader’s Digest Calls
Irvine-Halliday a Canadian Hero

Dr. Dave Irvine-Halliday, P.Eng., has received the Reader’s Digest Canadian Hero of the Year 2004 award for his work in developing the Light Up The World Foundation.

Nearly half the homes in the developing world are without light after the sun sets. The professor of photonics and leading fibre-optic specialist at the University of Calgary founded LUTW to change that. A feature article in the July issue of Reader’s Digest pays tribute to this special Canadian.

In 1997, Dr. Irvine-Halliday and his wife Jenny founded the LUTW, a humanitarian organization that provides low-cost, long lasting, durable and environmentally friendly solid-state lighting solutions. The foundation has developed strong relationships with organizations such as Rotary International and universities such as Stanford and MIT.

In partnership with the University of Calgary, these organizations have helped LUTW make huge advancements in development infrastructure, effective business modeling and innovative lamping ideas.

The PEGG featured Dr. Irvine-Halliday in an October 2000 story, after he’d won the APEGGA Summit Award for Community Service, earlier that year.

U of A Dean Earns Further Accolades

Dr. David Lynch, P.Eng., has been recognized as one of the province's most influential leaders and "science drivers." Dr. Lynch makes Alberta Venture magazine’s 50 Most Influential People In Alberta listing.

Dr. David Lynch, P.Eng. . . .another award for the dean.

Under the leadership of Dr. Lynch, the University of Alberta Faculty of Engineering has become one of the biggest and best schools in North America, with 4,300 full-time students. When an ambitious expansion is completed in 2005, his engineering school will vault into the elite in the continent, Dr. Lynch envisions.

His abilities have also earned Dr. Lynch accolades from the Alberta Chamber of Resources, which recognized him as 2004 Resource Person of the Year.

Other influential leaders in the Alberta Venture special section include: Gwyn Morgan, P.Eng., president and CEO of EnCana Corporation, and Pat Daniel, P.Eng., president and CEO of Enbridge Inc., both in the business elite category; and Neil McCrank, P.Eng., chair of the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board, as a community builder.

Petroleum Society Presents Awards To APEGGA Members

This year’s awards of the Petroleum Society of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum were presented at the Canadian International Petroleum Conference, in Calgary June 9. Lifetime achievement awards went to Dr. Donald Flock, P.Eng., Bill Good, P.Eng., and Bob Porteous, P.Eng.

Dr. Flock, a past winner of CIM awards, has over 40 years’ experience as an energy consulting engineer, educator and administrator in both the public and private sectors of energy business in Calgary, the U.S. and overseas. He is very active in APEGGA and the CIM, and was the third vice-president and first president of the Alberta Chamber of Resources.

Mr. Good, a member of APEGGA and the Petroleum Society, has authored and co-authored many technical papers in his career, two of which received best paper recognition, one by the Canadian Heavy Oil Association and the other from the Petroleum Society.

Mr. Porteous, a long-term member of the Petroleum Society, SPE and APEGGA, is most proud of his involvement with many others in helping to establish petroleum engineering at the University of Calgary through years of persuasive effort and fundraising.

Outstanding service awards went to Harry Jung, P.Eng., Karl Miller, P.Eng., and Colin Outtrim, P.Eng.

Mr. Jung is a member of APEGGA, CIM, SPE and SPEE. He is currently chairman of the Petroleum Society of CIM Standing Committee on Reserves Definitions, a member of SPE Reserves Committee, and a member of the SPEE Canadian Oil and Gas Evaluation Handbook Committee. He was also a member of the ASC Oil and Gas Securities Task Force, and has extensive experience in oil and gas reserves studies, ultimate potential studies and asset evaluations.

Mr. Miller is a member of the Petroleum Society, CHOA, SPE, APEGGA and Sigma Xi. His volunteer work within the society has focused on the CIPC Technical Program Committee, where he has served for a number of years as a committee member, and as the 2003 co-chairman and the 2004 chairman. Mr. Miller has worked internationally for the last 23 years in diverse areas of heavy oil exploitation. He has given 20 technical papers and authored 16 publications.

Mr. Outtrim, a member of APEGGA, APEGBC, SPE and the Petroleum Society of CIM, has served the oil-and-gas industry for 31 years, encompassing projects in 24 countries. He was president for 12 years of Outtrim Szabo Associates Ltd., before it merged with DeGolyer and MacNaughton of Dallas. Mr. Outtrim is now senior vice-president for the Canadian division of D&M.

The distinguished service award went to Brant Bennion, P.Eng. Mr. Bennion has been a member of the Petroleum Society since 1985, and has volunteered with the organization in a number of capacities over the last two decades. As a contributor to the JCPT and the society’s educational offerings, Mr. Bennion has presented, co-authored or published over 200 technical papers on a variety of topics.

The CIM District 5 distinguished service award went to Steve Gordon, P.Eng., an active member of the Petroleum Society and the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum since 1975. Most recently Mr. Gordon participated on the Alberta Securities Taskforce, and has served as chairman of the APEGGA subcommittee that developed the APEGGA Practice Standard for the Evaluation of Oil and Gas Reserves for Public Disclosure.

Calgary Inventor Receives Order of Canada
Retired Quebec engineer Robert G.H. Lee recently received the Order of Canada for his career of innovative inventing. With 200 patents, Mr. Lee, now living in Calgary, has inventions to his credit that reflect the best of Canadian ingenuity.

He made his name in the field of metallurgy while working with Canadian Liquid Air Limited, inventing techniques for refining metal that have increased production efficiency worldwide. Another of his innovations is gaining wide acceptance as a safe replacement for harmful insecticides. He has been a key contributor to the areas of pulp and paper production, gas injection technology, improved combustion capacity and environmental protection, confirming his international status as a creative inventor.

Golder Appointments
Golder Associates Ltd. recently announced the appointment of one new principal and 11 new associates to the company’s prairie regional team. The group represents 200 years of combined experience in providing clients with environmental and ground engineering services. APEGGA members among them are Anil Beersing, P.Eng., Calgary associate, hydrology; Greg Misfeldt, P.Eng. Saskatoon associate, geotechnical engineering; and Murray Fitch, P.Eng., Calgary associate, water resources engineering.

In other Golder news, engineers and scientists from the company shaved their heads June 25 for the Shave Your Lid for a Kid fundraising event. The eight participants raised almost $9,500. Golder matched the funds, making the total donation to kids’ cancer research $19,000. Among those with shaved heads are members Dejiang Long, P.Eng. and Bill Liu, P.Eng.

Levelton in Montreal
Levelton Consultants Ltd. has opened its ninth branch office, in Montreal, and a Calgary engineer has made the move east to be its manager. Elisabeth Lord, ing, P.Eng., is the former manager of the Calgary Levelton office.

Alberta Ingenuity Appoints CEO
Dr. Peter Hackett, an internationally recognized chemical physicist and research leader, has been appointed president and CEO of Alberta Ingenuity, an organization with a strong APEGGA connection.

Alberta Ingenuity’s role is to nurture the discovery of new knowledge and encourage its application to benefit Albertans. Its support of world-class research also advances science and engineering internationally.

Alberta Ingenuity, which operates at arm's length from the provincial government, is governed by a board of trustees, headed by a president and CEO, and advised by an international science and engineering advisory council. Alberta Ingenuity is accountable to Albertans.

It sponsors the Alberta Ingenuity Fund Research Excellence Award, in the APEGGA Summit Awards program. APEGGA members Darrel Danyluk, P.Eng., the president of the CCPE, and Ron Triffo, P.Eng., a former APEGGA councillor and the 2004 Centennial Leadership Summit Award winner, both sit on the Alberta Ingenuity Fund Board.

Klohn Crippen Names Alberta VP

Dr. Ernest Portfors, P.Eng., president and CEO of Klohn Crippen Consultants Ltd., has announced the appointment of Brian T. Rogers, P.Eng., as vice-president, Alberta. Born and trained in Great Britain at Imperial College of Science and Technology, Mr. Rogers came to Canada in 1980.

He has 28 years of experience in the design and construction of a diversity of civil engineering and resource development projects. These include: the engineering design and field support for hydrocarbon development in the Canadian Beaufort Sea, Hibernia Grand Banks, Newfoundland, and offshore Russia; water storage dams, irrigation, and land reclamation; tailings dams and mine waste rock disposal.

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