APEGGA Calgary Branch
2005 Executive Nominations

The following members have been nominated for election to the Executive of APEGGA’s Calgary Branch. Election will take place at the Branch Annual General Meeting January 13, 2005, at The TELUS Convention Centre, Calgary. Nominations are welcome for all positions listed, except for Past-Chair. Interested members should contact Judith Lentin, P.Geol., Nominating Subcommittee Chair. She can be reached by e-mail at judith.lentin@thementors.com judith.lentin@thementors.com or by phone at 403-264-0173; or you may contact Pelly Christos at the Calgary APEGGA Office by e-mail at pchristos@apegga.org or by phone at 403-262-7714.

Past Chair
Mr. Ian Squires, P.Eng.
Memorial University of Newfoundland, B.Sc. (1994)
Volunteer with APEGGA eight years
Calgary Branch Meetings Committee 1996/97, 1999-present
Fort McMurray Branch 1998/99
Calgary Branch Executive Committee 2001, Vice Chair
2003, Chair 2004
Chair of Calgary Branch Meetings Committee 2002-2004

Vice Chair

Dr. Ronald Hinds, P.Geoph.
University of Manitoba, BSc. (1975), MSc. (1983), University of Pretoria, PhD. (1995)
Volunteer with APEGGA six years
Enforcement Review Committee 1999-present
Calgary Branch Executive Committee 2001, Vice Chair
Voluntary Service Award 2004

Mr. Tibor Kaldor, P.Eng.
University of Toronto, BASc. (1970), MASc. (1972), Wilfrid
Laurier University, MBA (1980)
Volunteer with APEGGA 18 years
Medicine Hat Branch Executive 1981/82
Calgary District Meetings Committee 1986/87-88/89
Calgary Member Liaison Committee 1988/89-89/90
Professional Development Committee 1991/92-94/95
Calgary Branch Issues Committee 1995/96
Calgary Branch Meetings Committee 1996/97-present
Calgary Branch Executive Committee 1996-present, Secretary 2001-2003, Treasurer 2004-present
Voluntary Service Award 1991

Mr. Terry Cooper, P.Eng.
University of Alberta, B.Sc. (1967)
Volunteer with APEGGA 15 years
Calgary Member Liaison Committee 1987/88, 1989/90-91
Chair 1989/90, Past Chair 1990/91
Calgary Branch Meetings Committee 1992/93-97 Chair
1994/95, Past Chair 1995/96
Calgary Branch Executive Committee 1995-98, 2000-
present, Treasurer 2001-2003, Secretary 2004-present
Voluntary Service Award 1995

Members at Large: (There are 11 positions on the Executive)

Mr. Anil K. Gupta, P.Eng.
Banaras Hindu University, B.Sc. (1973)
Volunteer with APEGGA four years
APEGGA Mentoring Committee, Calgary Branch (2001-2004)

Mr. Francis Chan, P.Eng.
University of Hawaii, B.Sc. (1974), M.Sc. (1978)
Volunteer with APEGGA four years
Calgary Branch Executive Committee (2001-present)

Ms. Maria Estela Zavala, P.Eng.
Universidad Autonoma de San Luis Potosi, B.Sc. ElecEng. (1973)
University of Toronto, MASc (1976)
Volunteer with APEGGA one year
Calgary Branch Meetings Committee (2003-present))
Calgary Branch Executive Committee (2004-present)

Mr. Chandresh Singh, E.I.T.
University of Calgary, B.Sc. (2000)
Volunteer with APEGGA one year
Calgary Branch Executive Committee (2003- present)

Mr. John Pastega, P.Eng.
University of Waterloo, BASc. (1988)
Volunteer with APEGGA 10 years
Calgary Branch Meetings Committee 1994-2000,
Chair 1998
Calgary Branch Executive Committee 1999-present, Vice
Chair 2000, Chair 2001

Mr. John Shaddick, P. Eng.
University of Calgary, BSc. (1995)
Volunteer with APEGGA three years
Communications Planning Committee, Chair (2001-2003)

Mr. Harish Vuppula, P.Eng
Osmania University, Hyderabad, India, B.Sc. (1986), MSc.(1990)
No previous volunteer work with APEGGA

Mr. Aaron Morton, P.Eng.
University of Calgary, B.Sc. (1997)
San Jose State University, MSc. (2002)
Volunteer with APEGGA two years
APEGGA Outreach Program (94-96)

Mr. Rodney A. Lakhram, E.I.T.
University of New Brunswick, Fredericton Campus, MSc. (2002)
Volunteer with APEGGA one year
APEGGA Outreach Program (2003-2004)

Mr. Gerry B. Langille, P.Geol., PhD
Brown University, BA (1968)
State University of New York, Binghamton, PhD (1974)
APEGGA Outreach Program (present)

Mr. Lyndal Turner, P.Eng.
Coventry University, B.Eng. (1987)
Volunteer with APEGGA three years
APEGGA Mentoring Committee (2001–2004)

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